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The Place Audience Club

As part of an international project called Pivot Dance, The Place is looking for individuals with an insatiable curiosity for art, dance and the process of creating a new piece of performance to form The Place Audience Club.

Pivot Dance is a three year project looking at the values of creating dance performances in consultation with audiences, artists and producers.

This project is running simultaneously in the UK (at The Place), Italy and The Netherlands and will culminate in the creation of six brand new pieces made with the help of an ‘Audience Club’.

The first phase of The Place Audience Club will involve meeting peer participants, discussions about process and creating dance pieces, meeting the artists, the producers and seeing dance performances. At a later stage, The Place Audience Club participants will gradually feedback to artists through a series of key events and will follow the new piece’s creation all the way to completion and performance.

You will also be in touch with your fellow Audience Club counterparts in Italy and The Netherlands for discussions and experience sharing throughout the process.

The Place Audience Club is an opportunity to be part of something completely different, a unique experience and a way for YOU to impact the creation of new pieces of dance.

Applications have now closed to be part of The Place Audience Club. 


Who is this for?
Anyone with an inquisitive mind.

Do I need to have dance experience or have seen a lot of dance?
No, not at all. All you need is an interest in and curiosity about the performing arts.

What sort of commitment will this involve?
This is a brand new project. In the first instance, your presence will be required once a month (in February, March and April). Then, we will devise the rest of the programme with you to make sure it suits your schedule.

This is a three year programme, am I signing up for three whole years?
Again, because this programme is a pilot, we don’t expect anyone to stay on the programme if they wish to leave it. It will be up to us to keep you interested and you can opt out at any time.

Do I have to pay?
No, this project is completely free.

Even the performances I’d get to see?

What’s in it for me?

  • Meet like-minded curious and interesting people
  • Be part of a project linking three of the most daring European dance houses
  • Learn something new, in a completely different way AND have your opinion heard
  • Meet artists, creatives, producers and friendly dance professionals
  • See a lot of dance for free
  • Have an active role in the creation of two brand new pieces of dance that will tour throughout Europe

For more information please contact the Theatre and Artist Development team on 020 7121 1040 or email theplaceaudienceclub@theplace.org.uk


Pivot Dance is a project funded with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union