COVID-19 Reopening FAQs

The Place Staff Reopening update

On this page, you will find the latest information about decisions regarding The Place’s activity and reopening timelines in line with government updates as they emerge.  

The Reopening group meet regularly to ensure a safe, phased and conscientious return to work process. All Directors are briefed with latest information as well, so feel free to ask them for specific questions too.  

This page was last updated on Thursday 25 February 2021 following the latest government announcement released on Monday 22 Februar2021.   

Reopening plans mapped against the government's roadmap

8 March 
Stage 1 – schools, further & higher education return 
LCDS UGs & PGs (except ScreenDance tbc) return to in-person classes on reduced timetable and with full social distancing measures 
Creative Learning can work in schools from this date 
Professional artists and companies can continue to work behind closed doors with full social distancing measures 
Staff can travel to place of work ‘if they cannot work from home’ 
5 April 
Govt confirmation of Stage 2 commencing or delayed 
12 April 
Stage 2 – indoor leisure including gyms can reopen & all U18s indoor activities can resume, community centres can reopen and start activities 
CAT can return to in-person classes (blended model) 
C&C children & youth classes, Shift & Shuffle can return to in-person classes (blended model) 
Creative Learning can work in community settings  
Staff ‘should continue to work from home if they can’ 
Govt report into International Travel due 12 April, setting out approach and measures required (eg vaccination passport) 
Govt Events Research Programme to run pilots to test approaches to allow venues to open at full capacity from 21 June 
10 May 
Govt confirmation of Stage 3 commencing or delayed 
17 May 
Stage 3 – outdoor performances permitted, indoor performances with 50% capacity limit on audiences, organised indoor adult sport 
C&C adult classes, Scatter can return to in-person classes (blended model) 
Theatre can open for performances with 50% audience limits and social distancing (not currently planned to do so) 
P&T, theatre outdoor performances permitted with capacity of 50% or 4000 people whichever is lower 
Staff continue to be advised to work from home if they can 
International travel earliest permissible date, subject to findings of a govt report due 12 April 
Govt review of social distancing and other long-term measures to limit virus transmission, to inform decisions on the timing and circumstances under which rules (masks, 1m+ distance, etc) may be lifted 
14 June 
Govt confirmation of Stage 4 commencing or delayed 
21 June 
Stage 4 – no legal limits on social distancing, theatres to reopen fully subject to implementing results of govt’s Events Research Programme 
All activities can potentially resume at normal levels, subject to Govt review of social distancing and other long-term measures due by 14 June 


Should I work from home or come in?   

With the announcement from the Prime Minister and the subsequent guidance from the Department for Education regarding Higher Education, that practical subjects are allowed to return, we are expecting staff to return to the building from 8 March 2021. If your job does not require you to be in the building, you should continue to work from home.


Should I access the FREE Covid-19 TEST available to all LCDS students and essential staff?   

In accordance with Government advice we are recommending that any student or staff member coming into the building accesses the Rapid Testing available at Regents Place, the COVID-19 UCL test centre or your local authority test centre. All information can be found here


Can I access the building if I want to?   

If you need to pick something up, you can arrange it with – they will make sure there is capacity in the offices and so require 48 hours' notice of any visit.  Alternatively, we can arrange for items to be posted or mail to be opened and scanned. Please avoid coming into the building unless absolutely necessary.  

If you are an essential worker who needs to come into the building, then you need to follow the following steps:    

  1. Complete your personal risk assessment  

  1. Get agreement from your Line Manager  

  1. Email Reception with the details so we can confirm if there is suitable space available for you    

Please make sure to plan and allow a few days to work through this process.    

We require you to fill in our on-line entry form before you arrive at The Place on the day of your visit, wear a mask in all public areas and use our one-way system.  

Current opening hours are 8am-9pm Monday to Thursday, 8am-8pm Fridays, Saturdays 9-4pm and 10-3pm Sundays however, this is subject to change. 


What are the measures protecting staff in the building?   

The Planning Reopening Groups have put in place a comprehensive set of safety measures, including:  

  • Pre-entry questionnaire  

  • One-way system   

  • Significantly reduced capacity in studios and offices to ensure social distancing  

  • Increased cleaning   

  • Wearing masks in corridors and toilets  

We have developed a Personal Risk Assessment which all staff will complete with their Line Manager before returning to the building. This helps you think through your journey to work, the activity you’ll be delivering and the environment that you will be working in as well as any personal risk factors.  Details of the measures put in place are set out and we ask you to consider things that you could do in addition to help us keep everyone safe – it’s a shared responsibility and will only work if everyone plays their part.  


What is happening in the school?  In accordance with the latest guidelines, we are able to offer students limited in person training or access to studios from 8 March. This is in addition to the ongoing online provision and all assessment for term 2 will take place online.  


What is happening with CAT? 

CAT will continue to run Spring term online  and will return to a blended model of online and in-person classes for the summer term after the Easter break.  


What is happening in the public programme?  

The theatre will remain closed until the autumn 2021 season but will run an online and outdoors programme of work. The theatre bar, café and Duke’s Road entrance will remain closed.    

Producing and Touring teams are continuing to develop work including shows by Sivan Rubinstein and Requardt & Rosenberg, alongside digital co-commissions with the Wellcome Collection. The team continue to support R&D for shows planned for autumn 2021 onwards. 

Chroerodrome residencies are being planned for the summer in the building.   

Children’s classes and youth companies will be returning to a bended model of online and in-building programmes from stage 2 (currently 12 April). Adult classes will only return to a blended model from stage 3 (currently 17 May). The team are also recording a third ‘introduction to..’ course, this time focussing on South Asian dance style Kathak.   

Creative Learning are in discussions with schools and community partners with the aim of re-starting work in our Partner Schools and launching a number of community projects which had been delayed by lockdown. 


If you have any more questions, please email to keep this page as up to date with useful information you want to know about.