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Producing & Touring

The Place produces a programme of small and mid-scale dance productions that tour to a range of local, national and international spaces, as well as across digital platforms.

We enjoy meeting audiences in the spaces they love to experience dance, from village halls to regional theatres; from schools to outdoor festivals.

There is a core team of four producers – Christina Elliot, Senior Producer; Nina von der Werth, Projects Producer; Emilie Labourey, Projects Producer and Hayley Miranda, Assistant Producer, and a Marketing Manager for Touring, Matilda Hunter. We also work closely with the rest of the Public Programmes team, click here to see how these teams work together.

The Place works closely with artists to support their projects, from the initial idea all the way to its realisation and post-production evaluation. We put artist development at the core of our practice, using our expertise and networks to best support the artists in developing and realising their ideas. We offer support different ways depending on the needs of the project, seeking to augment and bolster existing producing support. The Place has a commitment to building strong relationships, mental and physical wellbeing, clear communication and passionate engagement with artists’ work.


How does The Place select projects?

The Place hosts various artist development programmes such as Choreodrome, Work Place, Rural Touring Dance Initiative and Shape It, through which we build relationships with artists selected through open calls. As we learn more about artists’ ideas, we begin to consider whether we can activate a gearshift in building their capacity to reach audiences, by supporting their work through our producing team. We want to work with artists whose practice we have strong faith in, and who are excited to work together with us on a joint endeavour over an extended period of time.

We enjoy co-producing projects with a range of partners across the performing arts sector and beyond.

We are interested in ideas across a range of themes, including questions around social and racial justice, care and wellbeing, and ecological sustainability. We're interested to hear how these themes might resonate with you and your work and are also keen to hear new ideas that we may not yet have explored. We are committed to representing a range of lived experiences through our work, and to ensuring that our work is widely accessible. To see projects that we have previously produced, click here.

Sometimes The Place will produce tours for shows that we weren’t the original producers of, for example the 2021 tour of Lost Dog’s Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) and presenting shows at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

We do not usually produce work with artists who are based outside of the UK.


Where does The Place’s produced work happen?

The projects the Producing & Touring team produce happen in all kinds of places, including our in-house theatre. We produce workshops and performances that tour to schools, and mid-scale productions that tour theatres or outdoor festivals (see Future Cargo). We work closely with venues across the UK, including rural venues, who have hosted many of our productions (see Hansel & Gretel). We also share work across digital platforms (see Dadderrs The Lockdown Telly Show).

Current and Past P&T Projects:
Future Cargo by Requardt & Rosenberg
A Tale of Two Cities by Lost Dog
DONUTS by Extended Play
Dance Number 2° by Sivan Rubinstein
Is This A Dance? by Lavaelo (Eva Recacha and Lola Maury)
Digital Co-Commissions with Wellcome Collection by Es Morgan and Alessandra Seutin
the album by SAY
Dadderrs by Daniel Oliver and Frauke Requardt
Dadderrs The Lockdown Telly Show by Daniel Oliver and Frauke Requardt
Audiomoves, co-produced with Peut Etre Theatre
Fagin’s Twist by Tony Adigun, co-produced with Avant Garde Dance
Deadclub by Requardt and Rosenberg, co-produced with Fuel Mothers by Frauke Requardt
Hansel & Gretel, co-produced with Uchenna Dance

We’re always happy to hear from artists who are interested in presenting their work in our programmes. If you would like to get in touch please contact us on We look forward to hearing from you!

Find out more about support & opportunities for professional artists

There are lots of ways for professional artists to engage with The Place and our audiences, whether through presenting your work on our stage, taking part in a residency or receiving produ