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Shape It Artists

A selection panel made up of artistic leads from each partner organisation: Comune di Bassano (Italy), Tanec Praha (Czech Republic), Annantalo (Finland) and The Place (UK)  selected work from early career makers that pushes the boundaries of traditional performance for young people, represents the diversity of young audiences and is adaptable to a range of performance spaces.

The artists selected for year one of the project are:

  • Viktor Černický - PLI
    Czech Republic-based performance maker Viktor Černický has been invited to adapt his show PLI for an audience aged 3-5 years.

    PLI brings together 22 conference chairs, obsessive rhythm and one devoted man. On a small platform, Viktor dives resolutely into the effort for indefinite construction, reconstruction and deconstruction of the Universe. The outcome is an intelligent and playful solo - a physical metaphore for endless human dynamics, patience and striving that turns even the most ordinary objects into incredible pieces of architecture.

    Following the baroque philosophy of Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz, PLI is an unpredictable and humorous performance where baroque robustness is replaced with spatial modesty and material minimalism.


  • Linda Hayford - AlShe/Me
    France-based performer and choreographer Linda Hayford has been invited to adapt her show AlShe/Me for an audience aged 12-15 years.

    In this entrancing duet a brother and sister explore the exclusive bond that links them to, and divides them from one another. Popping and shifting both in unison and discord, the performers reveal the complexities of sibling relationships.

    In AlShe/Me (pronounced as “alchimie” in French), Linda Hayford appears on stage alongside her older brother, Mike Hayford. Years after having given her a leg up in the world of popping, the dancer accompanies his sister in a duo that focuses on the ephemeral character of the genre.

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