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Shape It LAB (Creating for young audiences) Online 26 – 27 Jan 2022

We are seeking dance artists based in UK, Finland, Italy and Czech Republic to join Shape It LAB (Online) Wed 26 - Thu 27 Jan 2022 , 11am - 3pm (Central European Time).

This online LAB offers a creative exchange opportunity for artists who have limited or no experience in creating and presenting work to children. Focusing on questions that makers could consider when presenting dance to young audiences, the LAB will involve conversations with industry experts, interactions with groups of families, testing and questioning key areas of interest and reflecting and exploring your ideas and others. The LAB will build on topics addressed in last year’s LAB. We welcome applications from new artists as well as those who attended in 2021.  

Take a look at last year’s LAB here.  

The LAB is part of Shape It, a project which aims to broaden the audience for contemporary dance in Europe. We will do this by inviting early career dance makers in Europe to consider how an existing performance can be reconsidered for an audience of young people. Through development labs, residencies, and touring, we will support artists to re-imagine the audience for their work. Together, through the partnerships we build, the conversations we have, and the audiences we meet, we seek to model a new approach to developing dance for young people.  

Shape It is delivered by a partnership of The Place (UK), Annantalo (Finland), Comune di Bassano del Grappa (Italy) and Tanec Praha (Czech Republic) and funded by Creative Europe. 

Shape It LAB is for artists who:  

  • Have been creating performance work in a professional setting for a minimum of 3 years (occasionally less experienced artists are included)   
  • ​Are based in the UK, Finland, Italy and Czech Republic 
  • Have an idea for research or a piece that would be aimed at young people or family audiences with children aged 3+ (this can be new work or an adaptation of an existing one)   
  • Are working with any kind of performance with movement at the core   
  • Will be ready to share some of their ideas with us at the end of the LAB 
  • Can demonstrate how the LAB will benefit them as an artist   
  • Are ambitious to challenge themselves, their collaborators and us   

In this project we cannot support:  

  • Undergraduates  
  • Those based outside the UK, Italy, Czech Republic or Finland   
  • Artists with less than 3 years' experience of making work 
  • Artists with a track record of making work for young audiences 


How do we select participants?  

From the applications we’ll invite a small number of artists for an informal conversation with us before we are able to offer out the place in the LAB. 

This selection is carried out by a team of producers who work at The Place, Annantalo, Comune di Bassano del Grappa and Tanec Praha. We are looking for all kinds of new ideas from many different areas of dance and choreography. 

Deadline: Monday 13 December 2021, midnight 


For a PDF version of the application form please click the download link below.

Please note that this version is for reference only - applications will only be accepted via the link above.