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Spring 2021 Call Out


Please Note: We hope to let applicants know the outcome of their application by mid-November.

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  • The Place, London’s creative powerhouse for dance development, has been leading the way in dance training, creation and performance for 50 years. In a changing landscape, our vision for the future remains steadfast: we are powering imagination through dance, championing new ideas, embracing risks and creating optimal conditions for dance artists and enthusiasts to realise their full potential. 

    During the COVID-19 pandemic we are asking ourselves “how can dance help us respond to the big questions facing society?”. Recognising that as a theatre we do not exist without artists and that many dance makers may be preoccupied with the same questions as us, we invite artists to propose work for our spring 2021 programme via this open call. We particularly welcome proposals from artists who haven’t been part of our theatre programme previously and we look forward to how new voices & perspectives can enrich our programme.  

    What we are looking for/Eligibility criteria  

    Our 2021 Spring programme will be three curated weekend festivals which will take place live & online. Each one will focus on a question: 

    • “How can we care for each other?” 28 - 31 January 
    • “How do we tune in to sensation*?” 18 - 21 February (in partnership with Chisenhale Dance) 
    • “What does the future look like?” 11 - 14 March  

    *A note on ‘sensation’ 
    In partnership with Chisenhale Dance Space, we are looking for projects that explore how artists and audiences might tune in to the physical human sensations that a screen-based experience often struggles to provide. When distance is a necessity, how can dance and choreography find new ways of embracing our senses? 

    We are inviting artists to get in touch who have live or digital performance works which respond in some way to these questions & we are excited to hear from artists who wish to propose their work.
    We are looking for: 

    • Work that clearly responds to the theme which it is proposed for 
    • Any kind of performance or digital content with choreography at its core: theatre shows, films, durational works, immersive experiences, outdoor pieces, installations or other formats that we haven’t imagined yet 
    • Work that already exists (does not need to be a premiere) 
    • Work that is not yet fully developed but has a robust proposal that we believe can be fully realised by December; pieces that are clearly in the early stages of research will not be considered and the fees on offer should be covering your performance costs rather than a research period 
    • Work of any length - live work that utilises formats we are typically unable to programme, such as outdoor work, durational work, 1-2-1 experiences, etc. will all be considered 
    • Work for families, children and young people 
    • Work that plays with digital format. We have all learned new things about working digitally in the last 6 months and we are interested in projects that offer new ways of embracing the digital so that we can all keep learning. 
    • We are keen to hear from people we haven’t worked with before as well as artists we have existing relationships with 
    • We are particularly keen to ensure the work presented represents the diversity of artists in the UK, and encourage applications from  those who are currently underrepresented in the dance sector, including but not limited to, disabled artists, artists from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, artists who are racially minoritised, artists with care responsibilities and artists who are LGBTQIA+ 

    If you identify with any of the above characteristics, please complete one of our Equal Opportunities monitoring forms which you will find attached to the Expression of Interest. The Equal Opportunities monitoring form is optional but will help us to monitor whether our Call Outs are reaching groups that are currently underrepresented in our programming. These forms will be reviewed by our HR team and will not been seen by the shortlisting panel.  

    Artists based outside of the UK and students are not eligible to apply, and we will not be programming recordings of live performances – digital work must have been created specifically for the format it is disseminated in.  

    We have fees available of between £500 and £1500. Please let us know within your application how much financial support you will need in order to present your work in The Place’s programme.

    We expect to programme 3-5 events for each weekend at a scale which is achievable within the finances on offer.  


    How to apply 

    If you have a piece of work that responds to one of our themes and fits all of the eligibility criteria, please complete the short Expression of Interest form at the bottom of this page.  

    Live Work 
    Artists who are applying with a live work should provide us with a link where we can watch a full-length version of the work online. If the work does not yet exist, we would like to see some footage that suggests what the work will look like. We will not be accepting files so please ensure you leave enough time to upload your video properly. If you password protect this link, please ensure you send us the password in your application.  

    We understand that guidelines for performance indoors are constantly changing (see here for current updates), and would encourage applicants with live works to make consideration within their application of how they intend the work to be performed, whether it fits within the current guidelines, or whether further restrictions may need lifting in order for the work to be presented.  We will need to prioritise work that can take place safely and within the current guidelines in order to consider it for programming.  

    Digital Work 
    Artists applying with a digital work should send us a link to wherever your project exists online or, if the work does not yet exist, you should share with us something that suggests what the project will look like. If you are already working with a digital producer, please make a note of this in your application. You should have some idea of how to undertake the technical elements of your work yourself but if you would like some digital producing support, please also make a note of this in your application.  

    Additional Activities  
    If you have an idea for something that could run alongside your event, for example a workshop, Q&A, exhibition, etc. then please give details of this in your application. Please build any additional costs for this into your financial request and please note that the maximum fee available remains £1500. Contextual events such as these are not compulsory and not submitting one will not affect your application but if you feel like this will compliment your work we would be keen to hear about it.  


    Selection process  

    To apply, please complete an Expression of Interest form. Applications will close at midday on Fri 9 Oct 2020. 

    The spring programme is partly programmed with existing commitments to artists but we expect to choose the majority of events from this open call. The panel is made up of representatives from The Place, Chisenhale Dance Space and King’s College London. We have partnered with these organisations to help ensure our spring programme is diverse in form, content and the artists we work with and we are excited about the varying specialisms that our partners each bring.  

    Chisenhale Dance Space Based in East London, CDS is an artist Member-led charity championing experimentation in dance and body-centered performance. The panel will include a Member, with support from Chisenhale Dance Space staff.

    King’s College London – King's College London is a research-led university based in the heart of London and one of the top 10 UK universities in the world (QS World University Rankings, 2020). #KingsCulturalCommunity brings together artists, cultural partners, staff, students and alumni who engage with arts and culture in different ways. 

    For a PDF version of the application form please click below. Please note that this version is for reference only - applications will only be accepted via the link above.    

    The Place is also calling on its dance community and its expertise as an audience. If you have seen a work online that you think would be great to include in our spring programme and is eligible, please send a message to with a link to the work and we will investigate further.  

    If you have any queries about the application process, please contact