Step 1: The Opportunity

The Opportunity

  • If selected, your work will be shown at The Place as part of a triple bill in January or February 2018.
  • You will receive full technical and marketing support, including three technicians to run your performance and inclusion in Resolution brochures.
  • Your performance will be reviewed by established and emerging critics for Resolution Review online.
  • You will be able to attend free and subsidised workshops designed specifically for Resolution choreographers to complement and inform the choreographic process.
  • You will be able to receive a HD quality recording of your performance free of charge
  • Where available, Evolution artists (those who have previously shown work at The Place) may use Christmas studio rehearsal space at The Place free of charge.

How it works

  • First Footing companies (those who have not performed in Resolution before) agree to a ‘first call’ to The Theatre of £535 per Company of net box office sales – a total of £1605 per evening.  All box office income above that amount is shared equally by the three companies. If the net box office income is less than £1605, each company will be charged for the shortfall amount. There are no upfront costs to the company.
  • Evolution companies (those who have previously performed in Resolution) agree to a first call to The Theatre of £535 per Company of net box office sales – a total of £1605 per evening.  All box office income above that amount is shared equally by the three companies. If the net box office income is less than £1605, each company will be charged the shortfall amount. There are no upfront costs to the company (as above).
  • The Theatre supports the participation of Evolution companies. Theatre guarantees to cap your shortfall, should the evening not reach the agreed ‘first call’ amount. The Theatre will not charge more than £100 per Evolution company. This does not include any contra charges (e.g additional equipment hires).
  • If you are a First Footing company you will need to attend the essential workshops in order to participate. Evolution companies are required to attend the Briefing Meeting at the very least.

If you would like more information please contact us on or 02071211040


Professional Development Programme for Resolution choreographers

We offer a tailored professional development programme for all participating Resolution companies featuring the following series of workshops to assist your creative process. 

Please note: all Resolution choreographers are required to attend the free M-art-keting: The Art of Communications seminar, and a Technical Pre-production Planning Workshop at The Place.

Briefing Meeting (Compulsory)

Mon 25 Sep 2017, 6-9pm 

Led by the Theatre and Artist Development Team at The Place

A comprehensive guide to the Resolution experience. This evening gives you an overview of the financial implications, contracts, timelines and important deadlines that make up the festival. Also meeting the other companies performing on the evening of your triple bill to discuss marketing strategies and how to make your evening an unmissable event.


1. Marketing and Press (Compulsory)

Tue 3 Oct 2017, 10am - 1pm  OR 3 - 6pm 

Led by The Place Communications team (Caroline, Head of Marketing and Sorcha, Press and Media Manager), this workshop gives you all the basics to help you maximise your chances of selling out and getting your name out there. From defining your target audience, working out the best plan to reach it, choosing an image that will help you get in the papers; you will leave this workshop inspired and confident to market you work strategically.


2. Collaborator Speed Dating (Optional)

Tue 3 Oct 2017, 6.30-9pm

It is always difficult to know where to start looking for people to collaborate with on your project. This year, we are offering the opportunity for Resolution choreographers to meet with lighting designers, sound/video editors, arts administrators and photographers in a speed dating fashion – giving you the chance to see if you ‘click’ with anyone in order to begin working. There are limited places for this session, so booking is essential.


3. Project Planning (Optional)

Mon 16 Oct 2017, 2-5.30pm

A practical session in time planning and project organisation. You will look at working through the nuts and bolts of putting your team together, concentrating on the administration that is likely to include: contracts, budgets, funding, timelines, networks and partners. This session will help you organise your time and ensure that your company is ready for your performance in Resolution. There are limited places for this workshop so booking is essential.


4. Making the most of your time in Resolution and Future Planning (Optional)

Thu 9 Nov 2017, 10am-6pm

Resolution is a great opportunity to move your choreographic career forward but what are the steps you need to consider, and strategies you need to put in place in planning your development?

This day long workshop with Joe Moran, choreographer and Artistic Director of Dance Art Foundation, will look at promoting yourself and your work, reflecting on your choreographic practice, and focusing on how to elicit feedback on your work and give feedback on other’s work. Through discussion, sharing experiences and case studies, the day will help you identify your goals in the lead up to your Resolution performance, so that you have an action plan in place to consider next steps to take.


5. Technical Pre-production Planning Workshop (Compulsory)

Thu 23 Nov 2017, 10am – 1.30pm OR 2.30-6pm

An essential and comprehensive guide for all Resolution choreographers. 

This workshop will help in preparing for your three hour technical slot so that you can save valuable technical time on the day. You will learn about the Robin Howard Dance Theatre’s Resolution lighting rig, stage and sound set ups and will boost your confidence and vocabulary when dealing with your own technician or one of our in-house team. 

The session will take place in the theatre itself with visual demonstrations, anecdotal information and stories; a unique opportunity to help with preparation of your work for the Resolution platform.

Your designers are also welcome to join us for this workshop.


6. Choreography and Collaborative Practice A Two Day Workshop for Short Piece Creation with Amy Bell (Optional)

£30 for 2 days

Option 1:
Day 1: Thurs 2 Nov 2017: 10am –4pm
Day 2: Thurs 7 Dec 2017: 11am – 6pm

Option 2:
Day 1: Fri 3 Nov 2017:11am – 4pm
Day 2: Fri 8 Dec 2017:11am – 6pm

This choreographic workshop is the opportunity for you to develop and creatively think through your idea and show concept. Together we will look at:

- Involving fellow makers in finding our own voice:

We will work practically on observational sensibilities, giving and receiving feedback in a genuinely useful way, sharing creative tasks, collaboration and exchange. 

We will consider, how can we be useful to each other in developing awareness and confidence in our own unique processes? How can we open up trust, depth, playfulness or new ways of working through others? 

- Sticking to an idea: 

We will work through ways to recognise the potential of any single idea, to recognise what is extraneous and to resist the urge to pack a piece with too many ideas. 

We will consider, how do we know when an idea is substantial enough? How do we listen to the unfolding internal logic of our material to find development and complexity? How do we know when we are over-loading an idea or wondering off the point? 

Commitment to attend both dates for the entire length of the workshop is essential. There are a limited number of places for this workshop so you will need to book in advance.


7. Thoughts of the Box workshop (Optional)

Thu 14 Dec, 6 - 9pm 

This workshop is led by Jackie Shemesh, designer of lighting and space. Learning where to draw attention by illuminating the right parts of the space is an essential part of the choreographic process. We will look at and research different sources of light to see how light can be a tool in performance. Jackie will look at how light can design a space and how it can sculpt the dancers movement and the objects in the space.

All the above is to be achieved through a theoretical session together, presenting images and videos from a wide range of performing, visual, and  cinematic artists. We will also explore the fact that limited resources need not be a barrier to the creation of a profound work. The aim is to take advantage of the technical and financial limitations and to turn those limitations into a tool to use to gain the best outcome. This workshop is not about learning how to design a space but about how to give participants a 'tool box' to take with them to the theatre while creating a work.

Jackie has worked internationally in dance, theatre and music and his practice has extended into collaborations with performance and visual artists. Jackie has designed works for Hetain Patel, Ben Duke and Lost Dog, Alexander Whitley, Eva Recacha, Balletboyz, The Batsheva Ensemble, Yasmeen Godder Company, Luca Silvestrini's Protein, Candoco Dance Company and Scottish Dance Theatre among others.

Coming up in early 2018, we have the below workshop coming up!

Grants for the Arts (Optional) – Date coming soon.

This workshop looks at how to resource and finance your work, through Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts scheme. The day includes a session on how to put a budget together for a funding application and what costs you might need to consider. Two Arts Council England Relationship Managers will also deliver a seminar about how to approach writing an application, what you need in place and what you need to consider when applying for funding.  There will also be the opportunity to ask questions to help demystify the process.

More information on all workshops will be supplied at the Resolution Briefing Meeting on Mon 25 Sep 2017