Professionals & Artist Development

Step 1: The Opportunity

The Opportunity Resolution 2019

  • If selected, your work will be shown at The Place as part of a triple bill in January or February 2019.
  • You will receive full technical and marketing support, including three technicians to run your performance and inclusion in the Resolution brochure.
  • Your performance will be reviewed by established and emerging critics for Resolution Review online.
  • You will be able to attend free and subsidised workshops designed specifically for Resolution choreographers to complement and inform the choreographic process.
  • You will receive a High Definition recording of your performance free of charge.

How it works

  • Potential income: The Theatre keeps the first £1605 of net box office sales per evening as a ‘first call’. All box office income above the £1605 net amount is shared equally between the three companies. Example: If the total net box office sales were £1905, each company would make £100.
  • Potential loss: If the net box office income is less than £1605, the shortfall amount will be split equally between the three companies. Example: If the total net box office sales were £1305, each company would owe the Theatre £100.
  • There are no upfront costs to the company.
  • Companies performing in Resolution for the first time are known as First Footing companies. As well as the tailored professional development workshops, First Footing companies benefit from subsidised studio space at The Place ahead of their performance. 
  • We welcome a select number of returning companies to Resolution – these are known as Evolution companies. As well as the tailored professional development workshops, Evolution companies benefit from free studio space at The Place in December ahead of their performance. 
  • If your application is successful then you will attend a Welcome and Briefing meeting which explains your commitment and financial deal, and for any Evolution artists this explains any changes from previous years.

Applications for Resolution 2019 will open at the start of Jun and close 6 Sep 2018

If you would like more information please contact us on or 02071211040

Professional Development Workshops

For chosen Resolution companies one of the most significant aspects - alongside the performance - is the supportive workshops we provide. These are designed to help you through the creative and organisational period of making work, right through to thinking long-term about working in the industry, understanding how to plan, budget and manage your projects. 

Below are the dates for the compulsory workshops. If you are selected to take part in Resolution 2019 you will be invited for a selection of further workshops in addition to the compulsory workshops, these take place from Oct 2018- Mar 2019. 


RES19: Welcome and Briefing Meeting (Compulsory)

Thu 27 Sep 2018

6 - 9pm

Meet The Place team, the other companies and artists from your Resolution night and find out more about the process, workshops and what to expect. This an opportunity to get your head wrapped around the administrative side of things, such as the financial deal and timelines, as well as the creative development opportunities available to you. This initial meeting is crucial to begin your journey in Resolution.


Marketing: How to sell your work and sell it well (Compulsory);

Wed 3 Oct 2018

10am – 1pm OR 3 - 6pm

Lead by The Place Communications team, this workshop gives you all the basic and vital tools to maximise your chances of getting your work out there and selling out. From defining your target audience and working out the best plan to reach it, to choosing an image that will help you get in the papers; you will leave this workshop inspired and confident to market your work creatively and strategically.


Technical Pre-Production Planning workshop (Compulsory)

Wed 28 Nov 2018

10am - 1.30pm OR 2.30 - 6pm

This workshop will teach you how to prepare professionally for a technical rehearsal and provide you with insight on how technical support can significantly enhance your work. You will learn about the technicalities of lighting rigs, stages and sound set ups and it will boost your confidence and knowledge when working on your performance projects

The session will take place in the theatre itself with visual demonstrations and anecdotal information; a unique opportunity to help with preparation of your work for an upcoming show. Your designers are also welcome to join us for this workshop.