Professionals & Artist Development

Step 3: Technical Information

Resolution 2020: Technical Overview

Technical resources offered during Resolution:

  • Theatre auditorium of 288 allocated seats.
  • Fully sprung flat stage floor, covered in professional black dance linoleum.
  • A useable performance space of 11.5m wide and 10.5m deep.
  • Black Box theatre.
  • Comprehensive fixed focus festival lighting rig. Consisting of five lighting booms each side of stage, with overhead lanterns for back/top/cross/front lighting washes.
  • Up to 6 specific lanterns assigned for the individual piece
  • Stereo full range sound system with at least two on stage monitors.
  • Front projection onto rear white curtain upstage available if required.
  • A maximum of up to three hour technical and rehearsal session for rigging, focusing, setting props and sound, lighting and performance rehearsal.
  • Venue technician’s assistance throughout session and performance.

What you might consider when checking suitability for the work to be mounted in the platform:

  • The piece is performed in the evening as part of a triple bill of work. It must be possible to set or remove any items swiftly and safely during both the performance and technical sessions.
  • It is not possible to request a position in the running order or a technical time. Technical sessions are allocated on the same day as performance.
  • It is not possible for staff from The Place to attend any pre-production meetings or rehearsals.
  • It must be possible to clean the stage quickly. Liquids, powders, sticky items and certain types of body makeup may not be suitable for the platform and will not be allowed.
  • No items that could damage the dance floor will be permitted (sharp or heavy objects).
  • Certain high heels, boots and marking trainers might not be permitted (consider alternatives).
  • There is limited space for storage. Large set items are not suitable for the platform. There is no parking on site. Set and props will need to be delivered and collected on the day of your performance.
  • There are no flying facilities, maximum permissible weight limits apply for suspended items. There are no standard performer flying points.
  • If your work requires aerial rigging, please note we don’t have an in-house certified rigger so you will be required to provide one. 
  • All items on stage to be of professional quality, design and construction. No fixings can be made to the walls or floor. All items and activity should be suitably assessed for risk
  • All electrical items brought by the company will require a PAT test certificate.