Professionals & Artist Development

Stomping Ground 2020 FAQs

1. What format should my film be in?

Please provide a web link to your film, uploaded to a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. If you password protect your film, please provide the password on the form. Please do not send large media files either direct to the partners, or via dropbox.

2. Will the partners be providing presentation opportunities on top of the commission?

The partners expect to find presentation opportunities in their local area for the commissioned work, and these will be negotiated based on the nature of the projects. Presentations will be subject to fees paid by the partners to the artists on top of the commission.

3. What scale of work are you looking for?

We don’t necessarily equate scale and ambition - we are looking for ideas which are creatively ambitious.   We expect that the commissioned project will be rooted in a compelling and original idea that can grab the attention of audiences – we intend to keep the call as open as possible.

4. What producing support will the partners offer?

This will be dependent on the needs of the project, but may include studio space; advice about making work outdoors; and support to develop further partnerships to make and present the work.

5. Can I speak to one of the partners about my application in advance?

We would encourage you to read the application guidance carefully. If you have a question which is not answered here, please email

6. Who is ineligible to apply?

  • Students (except those at PhD level)
  • Artists who cannot demonstrate a track record of creating work
  • Artists based outside of the UK.