Studio hire terms and conditions

The information below outlines the terms and conditions of hire of studio space by a hirer (you) at The Place (we/us).  The hire of studio space under these terms and conditions does not create any affiliation or partnership between you and The Place, and the Place takes no responsibility for and does not endorse the content of activities which you carry out in its studios.

By confirming the request in writing you acknowledge and confirm that you have understood and agreed to comply with the terms and conditions contained within this document. Please note that completing a booking form does not automatically mean that the booking has been confirmed. 

1.    Booking Procedure:

1.1 We do not take bookings over the phone.  All reservations must be made via email through the space bookings team whose usual office hours are Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 18.00 and occasional evenings/weekends. The reception desk at The Place is not equipped to take or change any bookings or payments, nor to    provide detail on the studios’ availability to external hirers.
1.2 Advance payment is required to secure all studio bookings at The Place. You must be able to produce a booking confirmation on the day of their reservation; failing that, you may be denied access to our studios. We reserve the right to cancel any booking where payment is not received before the event.
1.3 An invoice is raised as soon as a booking is agreed in writing via email. Once an invoice has been raised a 50% cancellation fee is applicable if the booking is happening within the month ahead. If cancellation is made within a week or less of the booking date, then the total amount on the invoice will be liable. If the booking is        cancelled before the required 30 days’ notice a cancellation fee will not apply. 
1.4 Our electronic booking system sends out an automatic confirmation once a booking is paid for; this outlines the dates, times and location of each booking. It is your responsibility to ensure you have received this message and that the information is correct.  If you do not receive this message, please contact the space booking team as soon as possible. The same rules and procedure apply for booking cancellations. 
1.5 All invoices must be paid immediately upon receipt, otherwise you risk cancellation of future bookings. A payment schedule can be negotiated if the booking is more than two months in advance; please contact the space bookings team for more information about this. 
1.6 Booking slots are made available on specific dates throughout the year, usually for the term ahead. For more information about our booking cycles, please contact the space bookings team.  
1.7 Studio times and locations may be changed or cancelled in exceptional circumstances by The Place due to changes in the internal programme.  You will be given notice of cancellation in writing as far in advance of the booking date and time as is reasonably practicable.

2.    Noise levels, Percussion and Pianos in the Studios:

2.1 Noise levels in all studios must be kept to a reasonable level. If you are disturbing other users, you will be advised to reduce your noise level by Place staff. 
N.B Please consider other users and local residents when using the studios.
2.2 Due to noise restrictions all windows are to be kept closed. All studios are equipped with a ventilation system to ensure air circulation, plus a floor fan for extra ventilation. Please note that only Studios 7 and 8 are air conditioned. 
2.3 Percussion is not permitted in any studio without prior arrangement. If you intend to use percussion   this must be stated at the time of booking when you will be advised if this is possible. Please note: we cannot allow any percussion involving more than one drummer at the same time.
N.B Because of our proximity to residential properties we restrict the use of percussion in certain studios on weekday evenings and weekends. No live music is allowed in the Founders Studio at any time. 
2.4 There are pianos in all studios except for Studio 9, 10 and Founders Studio. Please ensure that you have stated at the time of booking that you require a piano. Pianos must not be moved as doing so can cause damage to the piano or the floor; if this happens, you will be liable for any such damage. If the piano is not in the normal position, please inform the staff at reception at the start of your booking.

3.    Footwear, Food & Drink in the Studios: 

3.1 No outdoor shoes are allowed in any of our studios. Please see specifications below about which type of footwear (if any) is allowed in which studio:
Studios 3, 4, 6 & Founders’ Studio: Only indoor dance shoes with soft light sole are permitted, no trainers or flamenco shoes. No outdoor shoes are allowed. 
Studio 7: Indoor dance shoes, flamenco shoes and indoor dance sneakers/trainers are permitted. No outdoor shoes are allowed.
Studios 1 & 10 (whilst set up with temporary dance floor): indoor dance shoes with soft light sole are permitted, no trainers or flamenco shoes. No outdoor shoes are allowed. 
Studios 2, 5, 8 & 9: No shoes of any kind are permitted in these studios; you will need to agree to being barefoot or wearing socks only. 
3.2  No food or drink may be taken into the studios except bottled water.

4.    Damage to the Studios:

4.1 You will be liable for any damage caused to the studios. This includes (without any limitation) damage to the studio’s floors, walls, or audio-visual system. You are responsible for informing reception if you notice anything unusual in the condition of the studio you are using before commencing your booking.

5.   Booking Times:

5.1 You must keep to your allotted time slots and you must ensure that warm-up and cool-down is allowed for within the booking time. If you persistently fail to keep to your allotted time, you will not be allowed to book studio space in the future. 
5.2 Our booking policy allows for back-to-back bookings and we expect the outgoing hirer and the incoming hirer to be flexible when this is the case. Please notify reception about any delays affecting your booking as a result of the previous hire.
5.3 The Place reserves the right to invoice for any extra time in the studio according to reception’s report.
5.4 At the end of the day, studios must be vacated by 22.00 prompt.

6.    Use of Equipment:

6.1 All studios are equipped with an audio-visual (AV) system; user guides are available on location and upon request can be emailed in advance. The AV equipment is in a black cabinet at the corner of the studio; it consists of a CD player, iPod dock, PC computer and a plasma screen. Studio users can plug in their own MP3 player, laptop or camera, but they are advised to bring their own device-specific cables. There are mini-jack cables tied to the equipment. Studio 2 also has a projector. 
6.2 Please note that the equipment must not be moved around the room without permission and objects should not be kept on top of the cabinet (especially any liquids). 
6.3 Our studios are suitable for dance and movement practices. Should you require any extra equipment (i.e. chairs and tables), this must be stated at time of booking. We have some tables and chairs which hirers are welcome to use, but these are considered extras not part of the booking and you would be responsible for locating these items and putting them back to their original places.
6.4 The building is equipped with Wi-Fi signal and this is accessible through a guest account, details of which can be found at Reception. Please note this is a free service which is not set up for the purpose of live streaming and there are no guarantees from our part as to its speed and reliability.
6.5 Any equipment should be compliant with current guidance & legislation. All electrical items must be PAT tested and flammable objects must be treated with fireproof spray. Hirers are required to have a list of all equipment in use and relevant supporting documentation. 

7.    Photo & Video:

7.1 Any hire involving photography and video footage must be agreed at the time of booking as different rates apply. This will be charged according to the information you provide on the Booking Form, please contact the space bookings team at space@theplace.org.uk for more information.
7.2 We charge for bookings involving photography and video footage according to the purpose and where the footage will be distributed.  We classify hire according to three categories: (i) independent artists/charity organisations; (ii) profit-making/commercial/large productions; and (iii) media/documentaries/interviews. 
7.3 The use of flash photography must be stated at the time of the booking as it can only be accommodated in certain studios. 
7.4 We prohibit filming and photography of artistic works, staff, members of the public and children using the building. We have a safeguarding policy (available on request), so please refrain from featuring images of children within The Place in your shoot. 
7.5 For most shoots an appropriate credit line acknowledging The Place as the location is sufficient, i.e.: “filmed at The Place” or “Location: The Place”. If the images will be broadcasted we might be interested in using the images, videos or stills from such shoots in our communication activities.

8.    Health & Safety, Best Practice and Public Liability Insurance: 

8.1 You are responsible for ensuring your session is run in line with current health and safety legislation and best practice guidelines. A risk assessment should be carried out and be available for Place staff in advance and on the day. The Place takes no responsibility for the content or health and safety of classes run by external hirers.
8.2 The first aid kit and accident book is kept at reception. Should a participant in your session sustain an injury, reception staff are first aid trained but please note they can only assist you on site and will not be able to leave the premises.
8.3 All hirers must tell us in advance if they are expecting any wheelchair users. The Place is fully accessible and we have a lift in each side of the building, but due to fire evacuation procedures we will only be able to take bookings in Studios 3, 4, 7 or the Founders’ Studio. 
8.4 All hirers must make themselves familiar with the fire evacuation procedures (attached) and must make sure class participants are briefed on course of action in case of fire.
8.5 The Place’s insurance will only cover defects with the building. We are not liable for and cannot cover loss of your personal property. 
8.6 Hirers need to have their own insurance to cover any situation involving loss or injury to a member of the public as a result of their own activities.
8.7 If a session involves participants who are under the age of 18 or classed as vulnerable adults the hirer is responsible for ensuring that the relevant DBS checks have been obtained.
8.8 Hirers are advised not to exceed the recommended studio maximum capacity (see below).

9.    Location & Building Facilities:

9.1 The Place is located in a complex of buildings between Flaxman Terrace and Duke's Road, just off Euston Road in Central London. All studio users are asked to report at the Flaxman Terrace entrance which is attended every day between 8.00 and 22.00. More information can be found on this link: http://www.theplace.org.uk/findus
9.2 There are toilets on each floor of the building; these are clearly signposted around the building. 
9.3 Changing facilities are available on site; these are accessible via codes which are available at Reception on request.
9.4 There are induction loops available throughout the building and in a selection of studios, if you require more information please ask the Space Bookings Coordinator.
9.5 The Place Café is open Monday – Friday from 8.30 to 17.30 and on Saturdays from 9.00 until 17.30. On performance evenings the café is open until 20.00.  Outside these hours, there is a variety of other cafes and restaurants within easy reach of the building. 

10.    Marketing & Publicity Guidelines: 

10.1 Studio hirers are only allowed to mention The Place in their advertising as the venue where their activity is taking place and must not use the words “The Place” in the title of their event. Location must be listed as “The Place” with no other suffixes.
10.2 All studio users must be directed to the entrance on 16 Flaxman Terrace, WC1H 9AT. The Place website has directions, travel information and a map which can be used on advertising material: http://www.theplace.org.uk/findus. 
10.3 The Place logo must not be used in connection with any hire, unless the performance or workshop has been directly commissioned by The Place. Studio hirers are not allowed to post information about their events on The Place’s social media pages.
10.4 You can display information about your activity on the External Hirers noticeboard (please contact space@theplace.org.uk for a template advert). We do not have any place to display your own posters but if you have your own flyers you are welcome to leave them at the café. Please note we do not allow any flyers for external activity to be left at reception.

11.    Pricing and Studio Specificities:

11.1 Rates are calculated by the hour (one hour minimum hire, after which fractions of 30 and 15 minutes are permitted). 
11.2 VAT is charged on all bookings, currently at 20% on the below prices.
11.3 As a charity ourselves, unfortunately we are not able to offer discounts for other charities.
11.4 Maximum capacity is recommended for movement-related activities involving adults, calculated at an average of 4.5-5 m2 per person.


Studio Hirers: Please adopt the following evacuation procedures. It is important that you keep an updated list of participants in your group and inform them about the nearest exit and the roll call area.

If you discover a Fire 
•    Activate the nearest fire alarm call point and leave the building immediately 
•    Use the nearest escape route, marked by green emergency signage
•    If possible inform The Place security of the location and nature of the fire
•    Proceed to the assembly point opposite Mabel’s pub. Do not loiter outside any exit and do not stand in the road
If the alarms sound
•    Evacuate your studio, closing the door behind you
•    Use the nearest escape route, marked by green emergency signage
•    Proceed to the assembly point opposite Mabel’s pub. Do not loiter outside any exit and do not stand in the road
•    Report to The Place security that your area is clear and that all participants have safely evacuated the building
If you discover a suspect package 
•    Contact security and inform them know the location of the package.
•    Await further instructions

Flaxman Terrace Side (for all studios apart from Founders’): 
Flaxman Terrace main entrance            
Studio 1 rear fire exit to Premier Inn car park
Premier Inn car park exit at the bottom of the back stairs

Duke’s Road Side (for Founders’ studio)
Duke’s Road main entrance
Theatre fire escape in to Premier Inn car park (Access through corner of the Founders studio).

Close all doors behind you
Do not run
Do not use lifts
Do not stop to collect personal belongings
Do not re-enter the building unless clearance is given by the Fire Brigade / The Place Security