Professionals & Artist Development

Commissions and Studio Residencies

Applications are now closed

Over summer 2018 we’ll be opening our studios to artists to develop new dance works. 

What do we offer?

  • Between 1-2 weeks of studio time
  • Commissions of £1000
  • Technical equipment to support studio work (cameras, projectors, sound equipment)
  • Studio sharings and feedback sessions during each residency
  • Weekly lunchtime get-togethers with other artists

Who is it for?

To take part you’ll need to:

  • Be a professional choreographer regularly creating dance work. Artists from other disciplines who wish to research an idea that has choreography or dance as a key component are also welcome to apply
  • Be based in the UK and planning to remain working here for at least the next 2 years
  • Have at least 3 years professional experience (exceptionally less experienced artists are included)
  • Be ready to share some of your ideas with us or your fellow artists at the end of your residency

In this project we can’t support:

  • Undergraduates
  • Those based outside the UK
  • Production or post-production of dance films

We will be able to award a number of the choreographers selected a commission of £1000. We understand that this isn’t necessarily going to cover all the costs you might incur during your research. If you need to find extra support then we encourage you to look for additional partners and funders to make your project viable.

You’ll need to tell us about how you propose to fund your research on your application form. If you are invited to an interview, we’ll ask you for more details about this.

How do we select participants?
We usually receive a large number of applications to take part. From these applications we’ll invite a small number of artists for a short interview to discuss their ideas in more detail before we are able to offer a commission and studio time.

This selection is carried out by the team of producers and programmers at The Place. If invited for an interview, you’ll need to tell us how you’ll use the resources – money, space, technical equipment – to work on your ideas and also show how your experience is going to help you make this time valuable.

  • We are looking for all kinds of new ideas from many different areas of contemporary dance and choreography
  • We are also open to ideas which may also have a key focus or audience in mind
  • We want to encourage approaches that are playful and speculative as well as rigorous and focussed
  • We’re hoping your research will answer lots of your creative questions and generate plenty of new ones
  • We want you to challenge yourself, us and your collaborators.
  • We’d like you to enjoy working for a few weeks amongst a community of other artists.