Professionals & Artist Development

Choreodrome 2018 artists

Supporting dance artists to research and develop performance ideas.

Below is a list of the artists who will be taking part in Choreodrome 2018 and an outline of their creative projects:

Dan Watson

Diving into personal archive to recreate and reform personal history, an imagining of fantasy utopias. 

Photo by Andy Ferreira

Darren Ellis

Darren Ellis Dance are continuing the development of their new science fiction based theatre and dance show Running World.

Photo by Nicole Gaurino

Elinor Lewis

In collaboration with Nuria Legarda Andueza, we want to scrutinise risk and teeter on the sweet-spot between success and catastrophe. 

Photo of Elionor by Elinor Lewis

Photo of Nuria by Adam Gregor

Frauke Requardt

Frauke and Daniel are disgusting face sitting neurodivergency and having kids.

Gracefool Collective

Gracefool will be developing their new work around the themes of tradition, ritual and convention.

Photo by Maria Alzamora

James Finnemore

Making initial explorations into the idea of 'keeping the outside outside'.

Photo by Danilo Moroni

Janina Rajakangas

We will fall in love and be frightened and cry from the smallest stimulus. The sound and light will be created to celebrate this sensitivity like a virtue. 

Photo by Jenni Jenni Pystynen

Lanre Malaolu

Elephant in the room is a dance-theatre solo show created and performed by Lanre, exploring themes of mental illness from a male perspective.

Photo by Greg Veit

Léa Tirabasso

The evolution of cancer cells, the experience of illness, the weirdness of having a body. 

Photo by Danilo Moroni

Lola Maury

It all started with a question: 'how can we create a space for the audience to listen?'

Photo by Gilles Aguilar

Peter Babbage

Pierre & Baby's continued exploration into the superficial swipe culture and its effects on modern relationships.

Photo by Yasmeen Mo

Seeta Patel

I am really excited to start work on a new classical Bharatanatyam solo for the brilliant young dancer, Christopher Gurusamy.

Photo by Peter Schiazza 

Simone Mousset

A confusing survival game structured around an impossible yet urgent question: Who is Andrea, and, if yes, how many?

Photo by Pavel Grachev

Sonia Sabri

Sonia Sabri Company and Peut-Etre will be developing Same Same But Different, a family dance show using Kathak, contemporary dance theatre and physical storytelling to explore the theme of difference.

Thick & Tight

Queer Lab: new intermedial ideas, approaches, and works led by choreographers, designers, composers

Image drawn by Tim Spooner

Wayne Parsons

Building on his recent work Vestige, Wayne will begin work on a new dance-theatre crime fiction.

Photo by Nicole Guarino

Yukiko Masui

Contemporary dance and classical acting meet to tell a story of revenge, love & cultural otherness.

Photo by Mickael Marso Riviere

Esl Kim

I research perspectives similar to that of Gulliver’s Travels, exploring people from near and far with an unrealistic, irrational point of view; concentrating on stereotypes, symbolisms, distractions and contradictions between what is seen and what is heard.