Theatre and Artist Development

Our theatre is Britain's busiest dance venue, presenting  around 150 performances by independent companies throughout the year. The space is designed especially for dance performance and named the Robin Howard Dance Theatre after the founder of The Place. Nearly 300 seats are raked to a stage 15 metres wide and 12 metres deep, wall to wall.

The overall programme is devised by the artistic director, Eddie Nixon. Collectively, it forms a diverse representation of work from London, the UK, Europe, and sometimes further afield. Companies appear by invitation, and proposals should be sent to the director. A few works are offered small commissions. The only seasons open to application are Resolution and The Place Prize. The theatre also hosts regular performances of works created by the students of London Contemporary Dance School.

Alongside our theatre programme are an array of professional development projects and programmes for independent dance artists, and most of the artists whose work appears on the Robin Howard Dance Theatre stage have come into contact with our artist development work in one way or another.

Projects range from supporting professional dancers in their everyday practice with daily professional class to a bespoke associate artist programme to open application research and development projects and workshops. A wide range of artists working in different genres are supported, from recent graduates to artists who have been working for over thirty years.

Artistic Director: Eddie Nixon
PA to Artistic Director (Maternity Cover): Noelle Davies-Brock 
Director of Operations & Strategic Projects: Helen Keall 
Senior Producer: Christina Elliot 

Theatre Programme Producer: Jessica Greer
Assistant Producer (Theatre): Michael Kitchin
Projects Producer (Theatre): Emilie Labourey

Projects Producer (Producing & Touring): Luisa Hinchliff
Assistant Producer (Producing & Touring): Hayley Miranda

Artist Development Producer: Amy Bell
Assistant Producer (Artist Development): Nina von der Werth

Youth and Family Producer: Lia Prentaki

Visitor Services Manager: Eleanor Farrow 

Space Bookings Administrator : Luce Moelans

Technical Manager: Marco Cifre Quatresols
Senior Theatre Technician: Martin Kucera
Theatre Technician: Stacey Nurse
Theatre Filming Imogen Harvey

Theatre Box Office telephone: 020 7121 1100
Theatre Admin telephone: 020 7121 1101

Artist Development telephone: 020 7121 1040