What is dance for?


As part of our 50th anniversary, we explored some of the BIG questions surrounding our artform and our programme.

In this section, we ask 'what is dance for?' - Is it about art or self-expression, is it for fun or for your health? Is it about belonging, finding a community, or is it about finding yourself, transforming your life, opening doors to new places or discovering things about yourself? Who gets to dance? And why?

Browse our content to explore this question with us:

Dance Beyond Dance 

In Dance Beyond Dance, we are celebrating our alumni who took their creativity and the skills acquired through their dance education and applied them in new creative adventurers. At The Place, we believe that dance is for life and that dancing teaches life skills that set people up for life-long learning, curiousity, resourcefullness and entrepeneurship. See what paths our alumni have taken!


A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson  

“In a way dance is the poster child for the importance of the arts because it’s the most dramatic example of how we underestimate something that’s vitally important.” Sir Ken Robinson gives us a fascinating talk about the role of dance in education.


A Conversation with Celeste Dandeker-Arnold and Annie Edwards   

"Dance means a lot to me in terms of self-esteem and faith in a future for myself. It’s been a great platform for becoming somebody that I like, and also someone who can make a difference. I don’t know how I would do that without dance, if I’m honest.  Dance gave me an understanding of my own body, not feeling like a ‘no you can’t’ kind of body, but actually being really capable and loving what it can do.” 


A Conversation with The Place's Youth Focus Group   

"What I really love about dance is not kicking my leg to my forehead but that I can use my body and music and the way I move to tell a story and communicate with someone.”