Thu 1 Feb

180 degrees / Irene Cioni / Simple Dance Company

Resolution 2018

£16 (£12 concessions)

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180 degrees
Kinetic Being

Can an object become a dancer?
Can the body and the object become a kinetic being?
This work challenges the roles in between.

180 degrees is an ensemble of four interdisciplinary artists who found a common ground through sustained physical explorations around the concepts of Butoh. The richness of the ensemble lies in the diversity of their backgrounds, ranging from visual arts, architecture, animation, dance, and physical theatre. A strong area of interest is collectively found in the transformation of the body into animate and inanimate matter. In this piece, the focus has been placed on the possibility of bringing out the life of an object by limiting the subjective role of the performing body.

"180 degrees' piece KINETIC BEING” melts your bones, melts your mind and melts time.  Movements shift as thoughts suspend.  There is humour amidst heaviness.  This is a piece I could watch over and over again."  - Sarita Lou (Audience Member 2017)

Direction: 180 degrees
Concept: Yuka Negoro
Performance and Devising: Angelina Kornecka, Yuka Negoro, Roberto Sbraccia, Robert Suchy
Music: Jan Margolius
Costume: Angelina Kornecka

Irene Cioni
Standing Up

The funny, poetic and adventurous journey of a dancer and a comedy performer who find themselves sharing the same stage, on the same night, at the same time.

Standing Up is a brand new piece of dance-theatre that explodes the formal boundaries between text and movement, creating a raucous, gutsy space in which dance speaks and voice moves. Created in collaboration with theatre-maker Jessica Latowicki (Made In China), Standing Up is the funny and poetic story of a dancer and a comedian who find themselves sharing the same stage, on the same night, at the same time.

Irene Cioni is a London-based choreographer, movement director and dancer who makes ‘simple, yet exquisite; satisfying, fresh and forward thinking’ dance. Find out more about her here:

‘Unique and brilliant in every aspect, the concept, the music and above all the movement … a real treat’

- Helena Kaut-Howson, Director ( Insomnia 2014)

Irene Cioni is on Twitter and Instagram

Simple Dance Company
Keep Digging

A work based on what we all call “A Rut” specifically being STUCK in a rut, Keep Digging explores this idea through contemporary and physical theatre, and looks at the different aspects of it.

Simple Dance Company explores simple, everyday ideas and makes them aesthetically complex. A simple aim of our choreography: If someone in the creation process or an audience member feels like they’ve gained knowledge, feel self-efficacy or have a new found curiosity due to our work; then we have succeeded.     

With Keep Digging the company would like to take the challenge of giving knowledge to an audience, and possibly helping with aspects of being stuck in “A Rut” by giving a physical representation and sharing our own stories.   

Simple Dance Company is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

Times: 8pm
Duration: 0 mins
Venue: at The Place

Resolution 2018

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