Wed 19 Feb

Aimee Dulake / Sketch Dance Company / Mass Hysteria

£16 / £12 concession

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Aimee Dulake | How un-catholic of you

A contemporary solo unearthing the many connotations that come with being young, female and Catholic. The things people fail to address, maybe I’ll address them (just don’t tell Father Rob). Why can’t we all just sing shine, Jesus, shine and get along? This piece has a comedic, abstract nature to it exploring the boundaries of physical theatre, alongside improvisation and text… I swear I won’t blaspheme. 

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Sketch Dance Company | To Have & to Hold

A reflection of our upbringing and how influence is key for development. Told through movement and voice, To Have & to Hold explores how one forms relationships, makes decisions and chooses to live based on the notion of parental guidance and support. How is one affected by the presence or absence of these figures? Do we form pre-disposed structures and expectations? Is our understanding of the world reflective of our environment? This work is a visual nose dive into a selection of potential pathways.

"Andrews' choreography has a theatrical flair accented with neoclassical dance, including elegant, fluid sections of movement."

- Review by Graham Watts from Resolution 2018 company performance.

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Mass Hysteria | Yoga in the Park

Through Yoga in the Park, Mass Hysteria, an all female collective, approaches the concept of hysteria as an act of liberating themselves from the social constructs put upon the female body. They have developed a practice where they manipulate their bodies to transition between different physical states, allowing madness and the mundane to integrate and waltz together. The decision making of each performer is continuously fed by the current situation and environment they find themselves in. This makes each performance an ongoing experiment of mass hysteria. 

Choreographers: Marlen Pflueger and Willa Faulkner
Creative Assistance: Hannah Aebi

"Mass Hysteria work with the collected empathy of birds flocking, yet their form is never predictable or uniform. The group generates absorbing fractals that crackle with colours, shapes and humour."
- Quote by audience member and collaborator Margaret from the artist duo 'Robyn and Margaret'.

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Times: 7:30pm
Duration: 95 mins
Venue: at The Place

Resolution 2020

Resolution, the UK's biggest festival of choreography is back for 2020.