Mon 22 Mar to Wed 23 Mar

Boxuan (Rocky) Zhao

3 (2021)


3 (2021)

The third project from Rocky ‘If you represent the light, why are your eyes spying at everything? If you stand for hope, why is your smile containing disgusted? If you represent life, why are your hands so full of evasion? If I was born guilty, how could I forgive myself in front of you?’


Materials: Frame, fabrics, pigment, Mona Lisa, movement, indoor studio, outdoor nature, Final Cut Pro, sounds

Performer and Editor: Boxuan (Rocky) Zhao

Photographer: Yuaner Xu

Music: ‘Eyes Shut - Nocturne in C Minor’ by Ólafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott, ‘Lili's Death’ by Alexandre Desplat

Venue: Online

Extended Project

Across two days, 13 artists from our Developing Artistic Practice pathway at London Contemporary Dance School share their research and practices, facilitat