Mon 22 Mar to Wed 23 Mar

Christine Sollie

Tracing Waves: researching audible choreographies


Tracing Waves: researching audible choreographies

Tracing Waves

Tracing Waves is an ongoing research on how dancing bodies sound. How can I listen to my body moving? What is the sound of a movement? Which sonic traces emerge? How can I re-imagine the entanglement between sound and movement within the context of future choreography?
I recorded AUDIOTRACES while moving as a process of collecting sonic textures.
Christine Sollie · AUDIOTRACING
Please wear headphones to listen more comfortably.
I will share live a written piece as an open space echoing different ways I research sound.
You are welcome to join in, listen or voice any kind of feedback.
The live sharing will be on Tue 23 March at 4:15pm through following zoom link:

Click here 

If you are interested in the written version of the text, please feel free to email me

Materials and/or objects used: body, breath, sounds, wooden floor, baking paper, mics, recorder, laptop,

Pauline Oliveros (Deep Listening & Sonic Meditations), Brandon Labelle (Sonic Agency, Lexicon of The Mouth, Listening to the body), Becca Wood (Social Choreographies for the ears), Astrida Neimanis (Hydrofeminism, We are all at Sea), Rosi Braidotti (Nomadic Subjects, Towards a feminist Theory of becoming), Karen Barad (Agential Realism), Andrea Olsen (The Place of Dance), John Cage

Performance, writing & recording of audiotraces: Christine Sollie

Many voices of friends, family, artists and authors I collected throughout this research resonate within this research.

Venue: Online

Extended Project

Across two days, 13 artists from our Developing Artistic Practice pathway at London Contemporary Dance School share their research and practices, facilitat