4 - 6 Sep

Touch Wood 2018

Dates: 4 - 6 Sep

Every summer artists occupy The Place’s studios to create and develop new work as part of Choreodrome - The Place’s research and development programme for UK-based dance makers.

Touch Wood offers Choreodrome artists the chance to show a sketch of a work which is in its conception. Short works, bodily notions, speculative research, slapstick solutions, perfect miniatures, embryonic epics, false starts and unforeseen consequences are all part of Touch Wood. For many, this is the first time these fragments are being shown publicly and we welcome you to join them at this point in their process.

This year Touch Wood includes works in progress by Dan Watson, Darren Ellis, Eleanor Perry & Tim Spooner, Elinor Lewis, Frauke Requardt, James Finnemore, Lanre Malaolu, Simone MoussetFrauke Requardt & Daniel Oliver, Yukiko Masui and The Hiccup Project .