Contemporary Level 3 with Akane Abe

Spring 2018

120 / £114 (enrolment) £14 / £12 (drop in)

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Akane’s classes are based on Limón technique, introducing principles of release and breath. Classes will start with floor work to increase mobility in the joints, followed by technical work to develop fluidity of movement and increased awareness of core muscles and spine alignment. Dynamic combinations, movement themes and technical sequences will give participants the opportunity to develop strength, agility and control as well as movement interpretation.

Class description:

Our Level 3 class focuses on higher level technical abilities and an increase in physical fitness. Complex movement combinations and content will cover more advanced principles such as agility and the use of weight, whilst simultaneously increasing musical awareness through a range of tempos and rhythms. You will increase your versatility in moving and introduce your own unique style to the movement, with confidence.

Artist’s biography:

Akane Abe has an MA in Contemporary Dance from London Contemporary Dance School and is also qualified Pilates teacher. She has performed in England, Germany and Japan and worked with Maika Klaukien, Andy Papas, Genau and Japanese contemporary dance company Maikobo.  Akane was invited by Shiho Kanazawa Dance Company in Nagoya to teach and direct performances. She has started a new dance company, Dance Theatre Red, with composer and musician Trimmer and is currently choreographing a major new work to be performed in Japan in 2018.



Times: 6.30-8pm
Duration: 90 mins
Venue: at The Place
Day: Monday
Level: Level 3
Style: Contemporary