Contemporary Level 3 with Akane Abe

Summer term 2017

Enrolment £90 (£78 Concessions) reduced due to 2 bank holidays | Drop-in: £12 / £10

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Technique / Style:


Class description:

Fast paced, challenging classes for advanced students competent in contemporary or ballet. Emphasis is on building movement sequences, stretching your facility and versatility.

This Limón/Release based class adopts some theories from various methods such as Pilates, Feldenkrais, and Noguchi-taiso (Japanese release body work) with a specific focus on lyrical movement vocabulary, using shape and dynamics.

The class will start with release-based exercises on the floor to increase mobility of shoulder and hip joints, followed by technical work to develop fluidity of movement, and increase awareness of core muscles and articulate spine-work.

Dynamic combinations, movement themes, technical sequences will give student the opportunity to develop strength, agility and control as well as movement interpretation, phrasing and use of projection. Students will have an opportunity to deepen their responses to live musical accompaniment and to express themselves as performers with commitment and musical sensitivity.

Additional notes:

Due to 2 bank holidays in May there will be no classes on 1 and 29 May. The enrolment cost of £90 (£78 concessions) covers all 9 classes.

Artist's biography:

Akane Abe completed a BA in Sports Science at Chukyo University in Japan and subsequently taught aerobic and jazz dance before moving to Europe. Since arriving in Europe, she trained in mime theatre in Helsinki with Adam Darius, before studying full-time at London Contemporary Dance School. After graduating from LCDS in 1999, 

Akane has performed for various dance companies in England, Germany and Japan. Also she has taught technique classes and created pieces for the performance projects at The Place for over 10 years. In 2000 she formed a dance company Maikobo (Dance Atelier in Japanese) based in Nagoya Japan and also she has been invited by Shiho Kanazawa Dance Company in Japan every summer to teach and direct performances. In 2003 she became a qualified Pilates teacher and in 2012 she completed an MA in contemporary dance at LCDS.

Times: 6.30-8pm
Duration: 90 mins
Venue: at The Place
Day: Monday
Level: Level 3
Style: Contemporary