Sat 25 Feb

Cul de Sac /Lumo Company /Feet off the Ground Dance

Resolution 2017

£15 (£11 concessions)

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Cul de Sac
The Ordinary Life of Lilly Lesloyd

A visually captivating, emotionally driven performance. A singer, a dancer and a clown take their audience out for a celebration of life.

“It is no longer sexual feelings and violence that are repressed in this culture now, whatever it may have been like in fin-de-siècle in Vienna. We repress our benevolence and tenderness” Keith Johnstone

Cul de Sac is a physical theatre company. With elements of contemporary dance, mime, circus and clown it creates works that are suited for both, indoor and outdoor venues. In The Ordinary Life of Lilly Lesloyd, the company deals with life itself, and shares with the audience their take on compassion, equality and freedom.

Concept/Choreography: Niko van Harlekin
Choreographic Collaboration: Leila Bakhtali
Music: Ishtar Bakhtali
Set Design: Niko van Harlekin
Performance: Leila Bakhtali, Ishtar Bakhtali, Niko van Harlekin

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Lumo Company

Two lonely women loving and hating each other, forgotten by society. A dark contemporary circus piece full of absurd moments, drawing its inspiration from silent movies.

Lumo Company is a contemporary circus and physical theatre company founded by circus artist Hanna Moisala and actress Heidi Niemi. Company is based in London and our aim is to create innovative and socially engaging art that is physically and visually expressive. Inspiration is drawn from our homeland Finland: the land of thousand lakes, where winter is cold and dark but summer is hot and nightless. 

Lola is a piece that deals with different forms of loneliness. Two women love and hate each other, but know that they cannot survive alone. From their twisted relationship are born beautiful and dangerous moments by combining circus and physical theatre.

Presented by Jacksons Lane

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Feet off the Ground Dance
The Way They Were Then

The Way They Were Then gives recognition to women whose unique journeys left imprints big and small. Though live music and powerful movement, Feet off the Ground Dance bring these stories to life. Inspired by Mujeres, a collection of short stories by the politically driven author Eduardo Galeano, this book illuminates both renowned and unknown women from across the world.

Times: 8pm
Venue: at The Place

Resolution 2017

The UK’s biggest dance festival for emerging artists is back for its 28th year.