Tue 18 Feb

Dan Thatcher Dance / Collide Theatre / Diamanto Hadjizacharia

£16 / £12 concession

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Dan Thatcher | Cenedl heb iaith

Why do the Welsh speak English?

Cenedl heb iaith delves into honest thoughts and feelings of how Wales almost became a nation without language, and how our understanding of that has been shaped. 

By shedding light on a sad truth of British history, this earthy, heart-wrenching piece explores humanity, and language as identity, through the almost complete eradication of Britain’s oldest surviving language. Expect to have your understanding re-shaped through, unity, the light and dark of real history, compelling movement and energetic floorwork.

“A nation without language is a nation without heart”

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Collide Theatre | Ms Julie 

Collide Theatre re-imagines Strindberg’s 19th-century play and presents a contemporary pas-de-deux of two doomed lovers. In this dance-theatre piece, featuring an original music composition, two bodies collide socially and sexually. Two people break under the pressure of their restrictive society and the fire that burns inside them is drained away forever. This is the story of a one night-stand between an upper-class young woman and her servant. It is a story about privilege and power, sexual desire and shame.

An interplay between silence and cries.

An interplay between passionate sex and hateful bruising. 

An erotic dance between two trapped souls. 

"★★★★★ “A unique show! It challenges and provokes reflection. This is a great play outstandingly directed and performed. Highly recommended.” ( for TROY 2018)

Director: Emily Louizou 

Designer: Ioana Curelea
Composer: David Denyer
Movement: Ioli Filippakopoulou
Lighting: Lucía Sanchez Roldan 
Producer: Christina Fotinelli
Performers: Jodie Sully & Gabriel Akuwudike 


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Diamanto Hadjizacharia | JUNGLE

JUNGLE was created for the necessity of creation. JUNGLE gained form because of the need for productivity. JUNGLE was created for personal pleasure and artistic satisfaction. According to Rudolph Laban, human movement is divided into three categories: basic needs of every-day life, physical activities, and expression and communication. He described the last one as a try to reach an intangible aim. JUNGLE displays the unbearable need for constant movement which results in the overshadowing of desire and feelings. JUNGLE removes every trace of stillness and its consequences. It was titled JUNGLE, like everything around and inside me.

Perforers: Diamanto Hadjizacharia, Achilles and The Cactus

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Times: 7:30pm
Duration: 90 mins
Venue: at The Place

Resolution 2020

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