Thu 25 Jan

EvokeMotion Dance Theatre / Livia Massarelli / What Is Written Dance Company

£16 (£12 concessions)

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EvokeMotion Dance Theatre
At One

An authentic story of what it means to be a two, looking at how two people can love play and have conflict. Capturing the everyday struggle for real human connections.

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What Is Written Dance Company
Pursuit of Power

Pursuit of Power explores the want of power over one’s life. Mixing dreams with reality, and moulding it into stories that are both relatable and challenging.

Pursuit of Power was inspired stories shared regarding obtaining power over things you have no control over, and how those perceived to have power are considered to be the leaders of the world. Working with composer Jean Pierre, the work will feature an original score that contains WIW’s climactic feel and will introduce house dance elements to our trademark movement style.

Since its inception in 2014, What Is Written has performed nationally and internationally at events such as Breakin Convention, STOFF (Sweden), BJCEM (Italy), Spacer (Poland) & previous Resolutions. We want to develop this work and tour it in 2018.

“…a lean and hungry dance beast…” Keith Watson – The Place

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Livia Massarelli

Structures return again and again, always changing, always in play. In the music, in the movements. Is this not what happens in our everyday lives?

A dance piece exploring the use of canon in composition. An investigation into the relationship between dance and music, revealing cycles that appear to be the same but are constantly changing. A structured composition that is completely abstract but unexpectedly close to our real everyday lives.

Dancers: Luca Braccia, Giacomo Pini, Yasmine Lindskog, Aisha Naamani
Music composer: Maurizio Massarelli
Light designer: Kieron Johnson
Costume designer: Michelle Bristow

With thanks to Tripspace for the rehearsal space.

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Times: 8pm
Duration: 0 mins
Venue: at The Place

Resolution 2018

The UK’s biggest dance festival for emerging artists is back for its 29th year.