Fri 6 Mar to Sat 7 Mar

Forest Fringe

£15 (£12 concessions)

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Forest Fringe

Forest Fringe is a community of some of the UK’s most exciting and unpredictable performance artists. Over two nights in March we’ll be bringing to The Place all of the generous, adventurous spirit that has made our annual Edinburgh Festival venue such a much-loved space. Come along for an evening of performances, intimate encounters, installations, conversations and experiments that will be filling all manner of spaces across the building. Co-curated by Forest Fringe and The Place, this project will bring together artists from both communities to explore questions of movement, choreography and the body in performance.  

“Like being a kid, let loose in a sweet shop full of tantalising choices… Much better than sweets. You can gorge on Forest Fringe and never get sick, or tired of the flavours.” Mary Brennan, The Herald, on the Forest Fringe Microfestival

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How does it work?

Everyone who buys a ticket will see Peter McMaster's 27 in the theatre at 9.30pm.In addition, you will see one other show in a studio earlier in the evening, which you have to choose at the point of booking (because they have limited capacity).

You can choose to see Jo Fong at 6.45pm or Brian LobelGillie Kleiman or Jo Fong at 8.15pm.

All shows are an hour. 

If you're seeing an earlier show you'll have a gap in the middle before Peter McMaster when you'll have a chance to sign up for the installations and one-on-one experiences on the night, or have a drink in the bar.  If you're seeing a later show, you can still turn up from 6.30pm for the installations and one-on-one experiences.Makes no sense at all? Call the box office on 020 7121 1100 to speak to one of the team here. Know what you're doing? Then choose the relevant time slot and then choose the artists you'd like to see at the next stage.

Remember, everyone will see Peter McMaster at 9.30pm in addition to the show you choose at point of booking. 

Performances you can see on the night

Peter McMaster 27

 [Everyone will see this show at 9.30pm]

Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones all died aged 27.

As Peter McMaster reaches 27 he contemplates this age of change, using autobiography and ritual to explore this tipping point between life and death.Two performers push themselves towards bodily extremes, towards danger and potential ends. Embracing moments of physical excess, 27 turns the threat of untimely death into a vibrant celebration of being. Please note that this performance is suitable for ages 18+  27 is commissioned by IBT and Arnolfini, supported by The Arches. Photo by Julia Bauer.

Jo Fong An Invitation... 

[You can choose to see this show at 6.45pm or 8.15pm]

“I wanted to make a work that is alive.”

Jo Fong’s An Invitation… is about as elusive and complex as performance is likely to get. It’s also playful, joyous, imaginative, powerful and human. This alive and evolving dance theatre production presents itself as a framing of life itself.  An Invitation… is about connection, conversation, communication, spontaneity and the value of uncertainty. An Invitation…. is about us. We are creating this performance now. We play the performer.We play the audience. We are the show.  

“It’s as beautiful as it is unnerving, the joy of movement celebrated as the performers – like the audience – work their way through an understanding. It’s an experience, one you shouldn’t miss.“  Thea Hawlin, Broadway Baby Edinburgh Fringe 2014

More about Jo Fong

[An Invitation is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England]

Brian Lobel Ruach

[You can choose to see this show at 8.15pm]

Ruach (pronounced ROO-ACH with ACH as in ACHTUNG except not exactly) is an interactive dance lesson. Using his extensive experience as certified Israeli folk dance instructor, Brian leads you in a celebration of Ruach (meaning spirit) which may have you questioning your faith. Be prepared to dance. If you don’t, Brian will probably think you’re anti-Semitic.

Gillie Kleiman 
DANCE CLASS: a performance

[You can choose to see this show at 8.15pm]

This dance class wants to be a show (it wants to shine, be in the limelight). This performance wants to be a class (it wants you to learn, wear comfy clothes). 

In the danceclassperformance all the participants do some dancing and do some watching (even at the same time). It is open to all levels of dancers and spectators. Please bear in mind that all should come in comfortable clothing and be prepared to watch and dance without shoes. You won’t sweat too much, honest.

Choreographer/performer: Gillie Kleiman

Artistic advisors: Simon Bayly, Gill Clarke


Installations & experiments throughout the night

[You can sign up for all installations and experiments in this section on the night.] 

Ant Hampton & Britt Hatzius This Is Not My Voice Speaking

The audience, re-named 'One' and 'Zero', enter a room and find it filled with devices: a turntable, a slide projector, a 16mm film. Digital tourists in an analogue arcade, One and Zero are led through this interactive installation by a guide that alternates between human voice, written manual and recordable media.

This Is Not My Voice Speaking considers the phenomenon of recorded voices and images and asks how our relationship to them is changing as they shift to a more solid state. A hilarious and impossible relationship is attempted between the empty, outlined hands of instruction manuals we know so well and the human voice. In the pressing of a button, the dragging of a finger to slow down a vinyl record and in the unsettled clatter of so many frames of film passing per second, the audience-performer will find themselves closer to the clumsiness and limitations of their own not-so-digital bodies.

This Is Not My Voice Speaking is an Autoteatro work. A form of performance developed by Ant Hampton and Rotozaza which considers the audience members as participants who, by following simple instructions, perform the piece themselves. This is a non-seated performance.

Commissioned by Vooruit (Gent) for Almost Cinema 2011.


Amy Sharrocks Film screenings

For the first time Amy Sharrocks' films go on show together. Including her first film, pause, shot on Oxford Street, asking passers by for a breath, and her latest film shorts around falling, flying and the slippery, fragile difficulty of Keeping Up. SWIM shows the documented events from her epic live artwork from 2007, where 50 people swam across London from Tooting Bec Lido to Hampstead Heath.

On show: pause (8mins), London Falling (2 x 2min), flying home (5 min), Keeping Up (2 x 2min), SWIM (25 min) 


Andy Field & Nicola Conibere PRESENT / SURVEY 

PRESENT / SURVEY is an experiment in presence for one participant in an (almost) empty theatre auditorium. We invite you to consider the possibility you are being watched, what that watching feels like, and how it affects what you are capable of doing. The artists may or may not be present. 

PRESENT / SURVEY is an experiment emerging from a period of research conducted by Andy and Nicola as part of the Jerwood Choreographic Research Project. 


Paper Stages

Paper Stages is a festival of performance contained within the pages of a beautifully designed book, with each page containing a completely new work by a different artist. Collectively these artists invite you to perform their creations in various locations around the city, from side streets and parks to your own home.

Plus there are installations and one-on-one experiences from Andy Field & Nicola Conibere and Ant Hampton & Britt Hatzius. 



Times: from 6.30pm
Venue: at The Place

This event is part of Spring 15

Spring 2015

This spring, The Place offers an array of experiences of dance and theatre, engaging all senses.