Mon 22 Mar to Wed 23 Mar

Georgia Rowan

This Fragile Ground


This Fragile Ground

Navigating the physical and emotional impact of human migration

Exploring themes of labour, tactility and care 

Decontextualising materials and sewing to question their affective power 


If you consider the past as part of the present,

A space is never empty, it is saturated with stories, 

It is shaped by the labour within it and shapes all those who pass through it.


To fully experience 'This Fragile Ground' please watch in a dark, quiet room with headphones. Immerse yourself and become aware of the textures around you, consider the labour that bore them and the stories they tell.

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Materials: Strips of an old sheet, Thread, Needles, Onions, Mic, Sara Ahmed- Queer Phenomenology, Clare Hunter- Threads of Life, Tim Ingold.

*(Contains partial nudity)

Performer, Embroidery and Sound: Georgia Rowan

Video and Photography: Charly Monreal and Henry Wheatley



Venue: Online

Extended Project

Across two days, 13 artists from our Developing Artistic Practice pathway at London Contemporary Dance School share their research and practices, facilitat