Tue 12 Feb

Hazel Lam/ Rouzet & Martinez/ Mara Vivas

Resolution 2019

£16 (£12 concessions)

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Hazel Lam

Lighthouse is Hazel Lam’s solo exploring feminine physically with an unusual object as a partner.

My focus is cross-artform collaboration. Music, dance and contemporary circus are disparate fields, yet ones that can, and in my case do, overlap. I specialise in collaborative work with artists from different background and I am developing a common language across these three artistic fields through harmonious yet contradictory amalgamations that aim to push the boundaries of what each of these fields can be.

PVC stretches considerably. Since it is the only thing keeping me from falling to the ground. Will the strands of plastic hold my weight, particularly considering the physicality with which I manipulate them? Do I trust them to? How much torture can they bear before they snap?

Thanks to Circusplaneet, Theatre Delicatessen, ARC Stockton, Circuscentrum, Greentop Circus Centre, Proteus Theatre, Centre de Création, Cambridge Junction, Clarence Mews, Circomedia, Danspunt.

Presented in partnership with Jackson's Lane

Instagram: lamnocciolinahazel

Rouzet and Martinez

Ondule, from the French meaning undulate, swirl, swing, sway. The duet Laura Rouzet and Alejandro Martinez collaborates here to explore genderless movements.

'Spines wave, bodies pulsate and progress in liminal states. We are confronting the raw nature of the body and its animalistic essence. Informed by Contemporary, Popping, Voguing and Dancehall, our dance is a point of intersection where otherness emerges.'

Laura Rouzet is a multi-disciplinary artist, completing a Master at Laban Dance Conservatoire. Her work combines movement research, sculpture, video and fashion design.

Choreographer and performer, Alejandro Martinez has taught both nationally and internationally (Italy, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Israel and L.A.).  He is the director of AIM dance training intensives.

Rouzet and Martinez is on Instagram // Instagram


Mara Vivas

This work is an invitation to consider how we experience time. If the duration remains the same, what is it that changes our perception of the moment? Why does it sometimes flash by, and at others crawl?

Time, we know is unrelenting. However, is it possible to densify our experience?

Two women gather moments to themselves; exploring duration, proximity and distance,  each striving to accelerate and slow their own attention whilst negotiating the boundary of the others’ space.

time/less invites the audience to share its subtle, ever-shifting landscape.

'Mara Vivas has been a relatively recent and real discovery for me as a critic and curator. Her dances have sensitivity and spine. Like the pop song says, there's 'poetry in motion' in what she does - and emotion, and thought. She merits continued support and opportunities. '

-  Donald Hutera, The Times and GOlive


Mara Vivas is on Twitter and Facebook 

Times: 7.30pm
Venue: at The Place