Tue 24 Jan

Jannick Moth and Company /Cindy Claes Productions /MCDC

Resolution 2017

£15 (£11 concessions)

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Jannick Moth and Company
Cold Mountain

It’s less about enlightenment and more about navigating the jungle whilst avoiding being eaten by the tigers.

Three men crash, tumble and play fight through the space. With an original soundscore created from earthquakes, storms and eruptions, this is an instinctive and urgent journey through our animalistic nature.

Choreography & Soundscore: Jannick Moth
Dancers: Samuel Pimm, Ben King, Jannick Moth
Original cast: Samuel Pimm, Ben King, Ian McCarthy


Cindy Claes Productions
Things aren’t always black or white

‘The smoke is thickening, sickening. Suddenly, I became a fly on that wall, and with this comes a responsibility, that is to tell this story...’

A dramatic and poetic dance theatre reflection on mass incarceration, and privatization of prisons. A story told through hip-hop, Afrobeats, Dancehall and a pinch of Krumping. 

“I was very impressed by her silky movement language, using hip hop, krumping and dancehall as the choreographic building blocks in Things aren’t always black or white. (...) It was powerful stuff, strongly performed by a charismatic dance artist, and full of impressive dramatic changes.” - Graham Watts, Londondance 

Cindy creates artistic earthquakes through her ground breaking Dancehall, Krumping and hip-hop theatre productions. Choreographer, performer and dance storyteller, she tackles social and political issues through dance and theatre. Challenging conversations are put centre stage with the potential to create positive social change through the arts.  Cindy has also set up many unique international dance exchanges and educational leadership programs, using dance theatre as a platform for exchange, debate and growth. 

First commissioned by DanceWest / Ignition Dance Festival.



Riah creates a world in which a person’s hair stores all their memories. Imagine having the ability to look at a single hair and view
the memory attached. Now imagine having the power to pull that hair out and erase the memory for good. be such a young company delivered physical theatre with high standards and passion...
MCDC can only push forward, already existing interesting and original ideas, which left the audience wanting to see more.
If there is one thing this company must be rewarded for is its originality, unique concepts and stage presence. - Luigi Ambrosio, Roehampton University


MCDC is an emerging international dance company collaborating worldwide with a collective of driven, creative, like-minded artists from various backgrounds and sharing the one move technique as part of its practice.
MCDC’S mission is to challenge creativity; explore diversity and breaded audiences within dance.

Funded by Longfield Hall, NLPAC – New London Performing Arts Centre, Broadway Theatre 





Times: 8pm
Duration: 95 mins
Venue: at The Place

Resolution 2017

The UK’s biggest dance festival for emerging artists is back for its 28th year.