Mon 22 Mar to Wed 23 Mar

Jinglei Huang (Cecilia)

Untitled (2021)


Untitled (2021)

This practice is a journey about inward exploring. It is about all the things that happen in time, in daily life, in imagination and subconscious space. It is also about healing, opening, balancing, recognising, self-killing and reforming. It is a conversation with ghosts inside, with the deep wounds that were buried by generations.

This practice happened during lockdown in London. It was conducted mostly at home, alone. Although it was frustrating, I think the pandemic also gave us a chance to slow down, to spend more time with ourselves and to rethink how we are going to start again.

 In these 20 minutes, I would like to invite you to give up all your rationality, and just be with yourself, your feelings and inside world, just let your mind drift. I hope this work can bring you comfort and sometime for yourself.

Materials and/or objects used: Glass fragments, grapefruit, popcorn, ink, cactus plant, plastic balls, Vintage TV Screens etc.


Concept & directed by Jinglei Huang (Cecilia) 

Performance by Jinglei Huang (Cecilia), Tiffany Mak (voice contributed)

Sounds effects by Jinglei Huang (Cecilia)

Venue: Online

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