Sat 15 Feb

Joshua 'Vendetta' Nash / The Grey Area / Jessie Roberts-Smith & Luigi Nardone

£16 / £12 concession

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Joshua 'Vendetta' Nash | FIG LEAF

Fusing Krump and Contemporary dance, FIG LEAF explores toxic masculinity in British people, opening the debate around where true masculinity and strength lies. With an atmosphere reminiscing of street culture and Hip Hop, the feelings expressed by the dancers and the choreography swing back and forth between love and support, to anger and aggression. A physical and high energy duet, reflective of a society that showcases the relationship between two men asking...
Where does true masculinity and strength lie, in our tough exterior or our vulnerable interior?

‘’Nash’s fiercely intelligent FIG LEAF harnessed the heightened aggression of krumping to grapple with toxic masculinity’’ Donald Hutera 

‘’A gripping and violent exploration of masculinity and vulnerability through the dance style of Krump’’ A Younger Theatre

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The Grey Area | Neon Exodus

Japanese anime and manga alike provide the perfect ingredients for audiences to experience their fantasies with a feeling of in-depth involvement. Through movement, spoken word, costume & play, dance artists Marcus Alessandrini & Jessica Walker investigate how the apocalyptic and nihilistic nature of anime as a product of the post-war "Asian Renaissance" is having an impact in our current Western society. How its grotesque and fantastical characteristics become so irresistible and addictive for its audiences, how it creates communities whilst dealing with themes of isolation, and how concepts of utopia are explored whilst our own physical world is in decimation. 

Choreographers: Jessica Walker & Marcus Alessandrini 

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Jessie Roberts-Smith & Luigi Nardone | So Long, and Slender

So Long, and Slender have been sent from the aithēr, the element unknown to man that, burns and shines and fills the celestial region of the universe, to dissect and master the art of "contemporary dance". 

With a combination of sizzling hot dancing, relentless pulsating beats and foolish charm, this piece promises to leave you giddy with a new found love for contemporary art and an urge to hit up the nearest gym. Join us for one night only. We dare you...

Please note - side effects include heightened libido... Bring a date .

“These two are bold and sexy. Theyre the gateway drug to contemporary dance. Hunt them down!”

Times: 7:30pm
Duration: 90 mins
Venue: at The Place

Resolution 2020

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