Wed 17 Jan

Le Mirabellier / J7s Dance Company / Rugged Estate

Resolution 2018

£16 (£12 concessions)

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Le Mirabellier
Somber Sloughing

A strange woman/creature/character experiences the journey of a transformation, where the conflicts of the mind wring and contort the lines of the body towards a new chapter of life.

"My choreographic work is the meeting point of all the different disciplines I studied - physical theatre, circus and dance. I want to get read of the clichés of the acrobatics as technical performance and virtuosity; in my work the acrobat becomes a dancer. The character that I dance is half human/half creature, wandering in between death that becomes the birth of something new." Mirabelle Gremaud, choreographer. 

“The right combination of dance, acrobatics and precision.”

- Tommaso Giacopini, audience member 

J7s Dance Company
The Other Self

Fear, curiosity, trust, exchange, compromise, empathy. Witness the emotional and physical states one goes through when forming a new relationship. The journey in which someone becomes part of yourself, "The Other Self".

Two become one. Witness the emotional and physical states which one goes through when forming a new relationship.

Exploring the sensations that arise from memories, images and feelings to achieve a mindful awareness of this connection between the emotional and physical states.

"Incredibly beautiful to watch"

Rebecca Crankshaw

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Rugged Estate
Occupation: RUGGED

The true essence and rawness of Krump portrayed in a unique way in order to show the different impacts that the style has on the individual.

Rugged Estate was formed in 2013 as a battle crew travelling to krump’s biggest events to represent UK. Since then the crew have expanded into teaching workshops and creating & performing work that aims show krump in a new yet positive light.

The piece to be shown at Resolution 2018 shows Rugged Estate exploring their personal reasons for doing krump and how it has had a positive impact on each of the individuals. Bringing the rawness and true feeling whilst pushing the boundaries of krump to create a new artistic perspective on the style.

Emma Abbey (@dancinemms) – “Changing perceptions of Krump @Ruggedestate” – Audience quote (Twitter)

Martin West (@BlackIce_UK) – “ @Ruggedestate Just tore the roof off @StratfordCircus @Collabodance #Amazing #Krump” – Audience Quote (Twitter)

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Times: 8pm
Duration: 0 mins
Venue: at The Place

Resolution 2018

The UK’s biggest dance festival for emerging artists is back for its 29th year.