Sat 12 Jan

Lewis Cooke & Lloyd Lovell/Hopeless Shokunin/Amy Foskett Dance

Resolution 2019

£16 (£12 concessions)

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Lewis Cooke & Lloyd Lovell
Live music & music composition by Tommy Khosla


What’s the harm in truly feeling? In not knowing. In testing our physical and mental states. In enjoying the finer things in life, like Lotus Biscoff Spread. We invite you to re-birth your inner side.

This duet wants to investigate the multiple states or energies we, as beings, hold within us, to share that which is human, to question the human front people may have with feeling. It wants us to play, to have fun. It wants to open us to the vastness of emotion.

“It’s a piece of hyper-physical theatre” - “Pretty it isn’t, but it’s accomplished, powerful and haunting”

- Teresa Guerreiro

A huge thank you to Trinity School, Newbury for the continued support in allowing us to use their studios space. Another to all of those in kind supports, whether that be friends, family or individuals we have met along this journey, it has all inspired the process. Lastly, we want to express our gratitude to the open and inspiring collaboration between the three of us.

Our love and energy is sent to you. Thank you.

Lewis is on Instagram and Facebook and Lloyd is on Instagram  and Facebook 

Watch them here

Amy Foskett Dance 
The Wolves

A journey of four individuals cohabiting, fighting and pushing boundaries for social order. The Wolves explores what it is to exist in a tight community in its complexities and comforts.

The Wolves is a raw and daring journey of four individuals living in an isolated community. Cohabiting, fighting, pushing and testing boundaries for social order and wholeness. Emotional and driven with intricate partnering powered by a hard hitting score, The Wolves explores what it is to exist in a tight community in all its complexities and comforts.

“ Amy Foskett's engaging and original choreography cuts through the space with fluidity, power and grace. A pleasure to watch, I was completely drawn into the whole performance”

Audience Quote

Special thanks to Emily Byron, Town Hall Arts and Swindon Dance

Amy Foskett is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Hopeless Shokunin
A tribute to Ólafur

A simple tribute to Ólafur Arnalds. Sharing the expressions I feel when I listen to his music. Perhaps simplicity isn’t as simple.

James began with hip-hop, with Jabbawockeez as his first inspiration.  A crew that competed in America’s Best Dance Crew, consisting of isolation, animation, popping, storytelling. Four years later became a member of National Youth Dance Company (UK), working with Jasmin Vardimon and Akram Khan. Later trained for 3 years at Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Now as a freelance dance/movement artist based in London, James has begun to build his own company – Hopeless Shokunin. Resolution, being the company’s first official performance

“When the heart moves through the body, you don’t have to see the eyes to see the soul.”

Maria Kristina Klungnes Berg


James Olivo is on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

Times: 7.30pm
Venue: at The Place