Fri 19 Feb to Thu 4 Mar

Mixed bill of film works featuring Alexandrina Hemsley, Susanna Dye & Manon Ouimet, Tobi Adebajo and Janine Harrington

Mixed bill of film work

Pay what you can: £0 / £3 / £5

Watch a selection of short films that each explore sensation through the lenses of different embodied experiences.

Accessibility: All films have captions available.

Please note: The films will be available to watch online until Thu 4 Mar.

Total duration: 80 mins


Maelstrom Under Glass - Yewande 103,  Alexandrina Hemsley ​| Approx. 12 mins spills slowly 
across cell edges 
weeping open… 

Maelstrom Under Glass, calls upon several strands of intimacy as pathways to trauma-healing to offer up dynamic spaces of repair. Alexandrina’s vivid, multidisciplinary layers of movement, bio-mythographic texts and collage speak to retrieving oneself from sites of harm. These layerings evoke a reclaiming of interior texture; evoking re-embodiment after prolonged dissociation, inner storms, intersectional subjectivity as sites of marbling, and the complicated shine of a body meeting itself once more.  

Accessibility: There is a subtitled and BSL interpreted version of this film available as well as a captioned version.


Maelstrom Under Glass is the first film project of newly formed company Yewande 103 led by choreographer and writer Alexandrina Hemsley.

A Dadafest commission by Yewande 103 

Choreographed and performed: Alexandrina Hemsley | Text: Alexandrina Hemsley | Filming: Alexandrina Hemsley with support from David Archer and Katarzyna Perlak | Editing: Katarzyna Perlak | Sound Design: Rebekah Ubuntu | Production: Nancy May Roberts | BSL: Dionne Thomas  | Captioning: David Archer and Dadafest | Technical and Production support: Dadafest 


STIMMING - Susanna Dye & Manon Ouimet ​| Approx. 3-5 mins per film (7 films)

This captivating series of films was created to scope out Susanna’s embodied experience of neurodivergence, exploring how it can feel to live in a world that is too loud, too bright, too fast and too tight, and how the neurodivergent body moves in order to regulate this sensory and emotional experience. The project gets its name from stimming movements, the rhythmic and repetitive movements that people do to regulate the sensory and emotional input from the environment. Susanna explores stimming as sensory conversations, and how the repetitive nature of these movement loops can produce altered emotional and mental states. 


Transitions I : Movement in Spirit - Tobi Adebajo  ​| Approx. 10 mins

Leaving your presumptions and assumptions of bodies at the door,  witness embodiments in textures and sound that pay homage to the form/less vibrations of life, pain and movements in flux.

Tobi is an Anti-Disciplinary artist who works in various creative and communal spheres with a primary focus on movement, sound, visual and written works. Their practice draws from all the senses and relies upon intentional collaboration to create pieces that open up conversations around access, love, healing and liberation.

Accessibility: There is a subtitled and BSL interpreted version of this film available as well as a captioned version.



how sometimes we cannot believe where we have been: Screensaver Series video essay - Janine Harrington  ​| Approx. 22 mins

Inspired by the obsolete screen-saving programmes of early computing, properties of sensory architecture and therapeutic spaces, this video essay is a journey with the kaleidoscopic Screensaver Series in performance and rehearsal. The dance unfolds and folds back in on itself as the performers appear to move in perfect symmetry, deeply connected with each other through touch and histories of practice. 

Foregrounding a sense of neurodivergent attention and information processing, the piece explores a “background” state of active rest through movement of vibrant colour and hypnotic patterns.

Screensaver Series sound design & performance: Jamie Forth | Screensaver Series dancers 2018 - present: Vanessa Abreu, Rosalie Pearce Bell, Lorea Burge, Iris Chan, Janine Harrington, Rosamond Martin, Stephanie McMann, Katja Nyqvist, Stella Papi, Louise Tanoto & Elisa Vassena | Lighting Design: Lucy Hansom | Choreography, costume & words: Janine Harrington | Production: Kat Bridge

This video essay was first developed as a lecture-performance through contexts with South East Dance and Brighton Digital Festival, Dance, Studio 303 Montréal and Future Oceans NYC. The digital work was commissioned by, and first shown in this format with Dance Live Aberdeen in October 2020.

How to watch

The films will be available to watch online Fri 19 Feb - Thu 4 Mar. ​When you have booked you will be sent an E-Ticket to your registered email address (please check your spam folder), which will contain the necessary webpage link and password to enable you to access all the films as many times as you like until Thu 4 Mar.

Please note: If you do not receive an E-Ticket please contact

Times: From Fri 19 Feb, 10am (GMT). Available to watch online until Thu 4 Mar.
Duration: 90 mins
Venue: at The Place

Available online

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