Mon 24 Oct to Tue 25 Oct

Modern Table

Darkness Poomba

£16 (£12 concessions)

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Choreographer Kim Jae-Duk and his group of dancer/musicians take hold of Korean traditional dance and hotwire it with thrilling live music inspired by ancient Korean song (“Poomba”) – a sense of reshaping the past to explore the future defines Modern Table’s powerful performance style.  

Tanz Connexions wrote “In a truly interdisciplinary work, the audience are taken on a strange and unexpected voyage through contemporary dance, traditional song and rock music.  Executed seamlessly, Darkness Poomba is a work that constantly transforms our environment, each new world a critique of the one that has come before.”  Acclaimed across mainland Europe, these are their first British shows.

Daisuke Muto, member of the Indonesian Dance Festival artistic board said “among all the contemporary dance projects happening around the world these days, Kim Jae-Duk’s work grabs my attention the most… his innovative approaches, like reinterpreting pansori as a kind of blues [from another piece entitled Joker’s Blues] or establishing the company’s identity as a Korean troubadour, are refreshing."

About the company

Modern Table, led by choreographer Kim Jae-duk, is a young and up-and-coming performance company that aims to communicate with audience through interdisciplinary performances and projects. The company mainly performs contemporary dance and at the same time, stages musical, Pan-sori, rock and hip-hop performances that transgress borders between genres. It has gathered much attention from the public and critics altogether for its unconventional ideas and experimental projects that break down the barrier between audience and stage, and between art forms. Through their performances, mass pop culture is reinterpreted with academic techniques at a fast pace. The company’s unique characteristics also come from endeavors that try to give contemporary forms to traditional Korean themes.

Presented by The Place, Serious and the Korean Cultural Centre as part of K-Music 2016

Times: 8pm
Venue: at The Place

This event is part of Autumn 16