Thu 24 Jan

NYK Dance/ Amy Ollett/ Christina Dionysopoulou

Resolution 2019

£16 (£12 concessions)

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NYK Dance Company

Shadow and dream. This piece is about creating a moving dreamscape. Playing with shadow, the dancers recreate images from our dreams and explore the boundaries between dreams and reality.

Inspired by the movie “Princes and Princesses” (2000), this piece is about creating a moving dreamscape.

On a white screen, dancers’ dreams appear – What are they dreaming about? The concept of this piece starts from that very idea of recreating images from our dreams, in shadow.

Dreams can appear so real as to fool us in believing they are just constructs of the mind. But where is the line between a dream construct and reality? We explore the fine line that is drawn between the two.

‘Bold and expressive’

- Birmingham review

Dancers: NamYoon Kim, Wai Shan Vivian Luk, Ryan Charles Blake Ledger

Costume: NamYoon Kim

Set design: Aesol Jeong

Lighting design: Alex Mcmanus

Sound design: to be confirmed

Subsidised rehearsal facilities provided by Jerwood Space 

Instagram: @jadoreny & @nyk_dance


I am lost in my physical anxiety, pressured as a woman to society. Suffocating in your version of my milk’s expiry.

Ollett's practice is interdisciplinary, exploring the interface between dance, fashion, movement and design. Beginning with the concept that the body should be extended physically and emotionally through design, her research tests ways to extend natural forms, allowing the body to construct its own resolution to dress.

The work synthesises body and garment so that, without the other, neither fully exist. The body is no longer a passive thing to be ‘dressed’ but creates the complete form.

Amy is artfully exploiting a new and interesting aesthetic that magically marries dance with fashion – a fantastical fusion that has never appeared so very enchanting and inspiring.” 

- BLANC Magazine

Choreography and Fashion/Costume design: Amy Ollett

Dancers: Federica Somma, Danielle Summers and Rhiannon Hopkins.

Music/Sound: Henry Jackson Newcomb

Set Design: Brian J Morrison

Film/video: //

Christina Dionysopoulou
Catch 28

Catch 28, a personal reflection on the barriers artists face in the dance sector, is one of those things where you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Christina Dionysopoulou is a freelance dance artist, holding a BA (Hons) Degree in Dance. Christina has cemented her reputation as a dance artist whose language is formed through both street dance and contemporary dance resulting in an experimental approach to movement research.

With a recent focus on creating her own theatre pieces, Christina has presented work in a female mixed bill at Redbridge Drama Centre, commissioned by Artists 4 Artists and a triple bill performance at Resolution 2018.

‘’A serious artist, that pushes the boundaries of her body to create a distinctive language and a remarkable performance’’

- Savannah Saunders

Twitter and Instagram

Times: 7.30pm
Venue: at The Place