Tue 31 Jan

Orley Quick and the Hairy Heroines /Mater-Filia/ Sketch Dance Company

Resolution 2017

£15 (£11 concessions)

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Orley Quick and the Hairy Heroines
As We Like It

Get tangled up in suits, wigs, bags, wheels, belts and scarves. With play, drama, sexy moves, music, scripts and scores, penetrate yourself into the world of the Hairy Heroines.

The Hairy Heroines are a group of lovely chaps (and one less hairy lady). We are exploring how we personally identify with our gender as well as presenting a willingness to openly look at our other self.

DIOGO loves playing games and listening to calm music 

TYRRELL enjoys eating steak, sewing, shopping and chugging down red wine.  

ELLIOT loves sarcasm and a good Victoria sponge 

ORLEY is partial to climbing on things and being upside down 

As HAIRY HEROINES we enjoy exploring and blurring the lines between dance, theatre and play through a telescopic view of both past and present. 

Created with and performed by: José Diogo Fernandes de Jesus, Tyrrell Foreshaw, Elliot Minogue-Stone
Costume Design: Giulia Scrimieri
Dramaturgy: Karla Ptacek

A special thanks to Lewisham Southwark College for the use of studio space 

Orley Quick Website
Orley Quick and the Hairy Heroines on facebook 

Do not Go Gentle

An intimate and dynamic work by a mother and daughter reflectingand drawing upon real experiences of loss. Set to an evocative soundtrack, the work is a rage against time.

"Debbie Lee-Anthony knows well how to both engage the public and be in the moment; a fine performer and a fluid mover’"    Donald Hutera, GOLive festival, September 2014

Graduating from The Place in 1982, Debbie is a Senior Lecturer in Dance and creates and performs autobiographical work. Lauren is a member of The Rebirth Network and also works on her own choreography and performance projects. As mother and daughter draw upon real experiences of loss, the piece is a journey that indicates a rage against time. Do not go gentle is a strong invocation for us to live boldly and fight, to burn with life. Fusing contemporary and hip hop forms, the work is set to an original soundtrack created by Hamid Mantu of Transglobal Underground. 

Lauren on Twitter 
Debbie on Twitter
Mater-Filia Website

Sketch Dance Company
Raised by Wolves

Driven by movement and narrated through music, we follow a young girl losing touch with her human identity. An exploration of self through the depths of the woods.

Sketch Dance Company are a contemporary dance theatre collective, who strive to blur the line between dance and theatre art. Raised by Wolves is a newly developed company work that represents self-discovery. Choreographed by emerging contemporary artist, Jasmine Andrews, the piece is a conceptual narrative driven by the tale of a young girl who has fled to a dark forest where nature dictates her lifestyle. Driven with fear and anxiety, she wonders around her surroundings looking for a way to return to what she once knew and where she truly belongs. A story of family, friendship and acceptance alike.

Choreography and Artistic Direction: Jasmine Andrews
Dancers: Emma Moran, Ornella Compagno, Kashish Gaba, Amelia Cotes, Jemima Brown, Joshua Scott
Lighting Designer and Technician: Lucy Hansom
Music Composition: Ollie Swain (Guitar) and Maddie Blake (Piano)
Lyrical Composition and Vocal Arrangement: Ollie Swain and Sheree DuBois
Acknowledgements: Lindsey Andrews, Emmeline Cresswell, Lucy Palmer, Jules Shapter, Rachael Blaney, Yulia Antonov

Sketch Dance Company Website 
Sketch Dance Company on Facebook 
Sketch Dance Company on Twitter 

Times: 8pm
Venue: at The Place

Resolution 2017

The UK’s biggest dance festival for emerging artists is back for its 28th year.