Professional Class Summer Term 2022

£6 per class | Buy 5 classes for the price of 4

This summer term Professional Class returns to The Place! 

Summer term: Mon 25 Apr – Fri 15 Jul
No classes: Sat 28 May - Sun 5 Jun (half-term break)

Professional class is for professional dancers, recent dance graduates and technically advanced dancers, if you would like to look at our adult classes for all other levels, please click HERE.

Important information:

  • The whole term runs from  Mon 25 Apr - Fri 15 Jul 2022, with no classes taking place from Sat 28 May - Sun 5 Jun due to half term.
  • The 11 guest artists teach every morning for 5 days, at the exception of week commencing 2 May (4 days - NO CLASS ON MON 2  MAY Bank Holiday)
  • Each class is 90 minutes long: 9-10.30am
  • We will run our classes in-person; however, the safety of our staff and participants remains our priority, and we will continue to follow government guidelines to ensure our sessions are as safe as possible. Before arriving at the building, you will receive an email from the Classes & Courses team detailing what to expect on your visit to The Place.
  • Drop-in bookings are open in advance. You can book online via the listing bar on the left hand side of this page.
  • Please note: Sales for bookings via our website close at 7pm the day before class. Alternatively, you can book in-person at Reception, depending on capacity.

Fees: £6 per class
SAVE! Book 5 classes for the price of 4, discount automatically applied at checkout. 

Professional Class Programme:

  • Mon 25 - Fri 29 Apr: Ways of Being Together​
  • Tue 3 - Fri 6 May (Mon 2 May - Bank Holiday): The Yonis (Bun Kobayashi & Florence Blackmore)
  • Mon 9 - Fri 13 May: Anders Duckworth
  • Mon 16 - Fri 20 May: Kayleigh Price
  • Mon 23 - Fri 27 May: Eva Recacha
  • Mon 6 - Fri 10 Jun: Laura Vanhulle
  • Mon 13 - Fri 17 Jun: Yuval Pick
  • Mon 20 - Fri 24 Jun: Marie Chabert
  • Mon 27 Jun - Fri 1 Jul: Jenny Hayes
  • Mon 4 - Fri 8 Jul: Akeim Toussaint Buck
  • Mon 11 - Fri 15 Jul: Theo Clinkard

About the artists & classes

Ways of Being Together​
Ways of Being Together​ is an evolving artist-led community, members include Jo Fong, Sumi Xiaoméi Cheng 澄晓楳, Jane Chan, Elina Akhmetova, Ghost and John. Each day a different artist from the community will lead the class and bring their individual practice to encourage participants to find new ways to be their best and fullest selves. It's an approach that centres support, exchange, listening, spontaneity and responsiveness. Join the artists for a hot drink and a chat after the class.

The Yonis – Bun Kobayashi & Florence Blackmore  
The Yonis are a contemporary movement girl band. Inspired by gig culture, they want to recreate the shared feelings of joy, euphoria and togetherness that one feels when watching their favourite band. In the improv-based classes members Bun and Flo invite you to play, make mistakes and connect with new friends with an aim to find joy in moving together and freedom in your own dancing. Together you'll think about what it is like to see and be seen, to enjoy the texture of our own bodies through touch, and how you can move towards a feeling of newness and unknown dancing. It will be a time to take pleasure in decision-making and celebrate your bodies together.

Anders Duckworth
Anders is a British/Swedish non-binary, performer and choreographer and grew up in South Devon.  In 2014, they graduated from London Contemporary Dance School and joined Maresa Von Stockert’s Tilted Productions for five years working alongside dancers and circus performers in both indoor and outdoor work.  They have also danced for choreographers including Lea Anderson, Kasia Witek, Jose Agudo, Luca Silvestrini’s Protein, and Requardt & Rosenberg, and in their own work, most recently, Well Lit, which premiered in Sweden in 2020.  Anders is a Work Place artist and is currently working on a solo production, Mapping Gender, which premieres at The Place in September.  They are also currently touring with Requardt & Rosenberg’s Future Cargo.   This professional class will draw together elements of release and counterpoint technique to find ways in which weight can be utilised to move through space. Improvisation underpins much of Anders’ practice and will, in these workshops,  bring a sense of spontaneity and curiosity with which to view movement. | Follow Anders on Instagram

Kayleigh Price
Kayleigh trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and Verve ’14. As a freelance dance artist Kayleigh has worked with ACE Dance and Music, Southpaw Dance Company, Chhaya Collective, FRONTLINE dance, Eleesha Dreenan, Tangled Dance, Tino Sighal, to name a few, and is the rehearsal director for Company Nil.  She is a choreographer and Artistic Director of Company K. Kayleigh’s classes focus on dynamic movement whilst maintaining technique. Her classes are influenced by the foundations of Graham technique whilst experimenting with her own twist of movement she has developed professionally throughout the years as well as being physical. Expect to build up to a lot of movement in and out of the space and great music that you can sing along to. 

Eva Recacha 
Eva Recacha is a London- based choreographer and a lecturer on Choreological Studies, Choreography and Improvisation at London Contemporary Dance School. Her professional classes will use improvisational tools to explore movement in depth, paying particular attention to dynamics and spatial ideas. Eva’s class builds on her knowledge of Choreological studies, isolating and promoting certain movement features to gain richness and versatility in your movement palette. Eva will premiere two new works at The Place this 2022, Because I Can (Spring 22) featuring Lauren Potter and Is This A Dance? (Autumn 22) with the company Lavaelo.

Laura Vanhulle
Laura's classes will use the Chakra points as an initiation to generate movement and energy. Centering around the connection between the head and the spine, creating flow in a serpent-like fashion. With the incorporation of Laura’s handstand practice, handstand conditioning to support the external rotators will be integrated into floor work techniques. The use of opposites is prominent in her highly physical practice, gathering - sending, high - low, emotionally driven movement – functional movement patterns. Her classes combine multiple influences – her strength as an ex-gymnast, the grounding and core of African Dance, the fluidity and circularity of Kathak, and the vitality and floor work from Flying Low to create a flowing, strength-based movement class.

Yuval Pick
For several years, Yuval Pick has been developing a method that nourishes his dance and his pieces and which has become the daily practice of the dancers of his company. His classes enrich dancer’s virtuosity through precise exercises and improvisation, guided by playful and organic images. This method provides tools to prepare the body for a working day while inviting the dancers to awaken their imagination. Practice offers work on the inner spiral, expansion from the center to the periphery, and weight transfer in order to strengthen the relationship between the body and its gravity force. It broadens the physical and creative potential and develops flexibility, mobility and malleability. Participants are encouraged to create bonds within class by exploring the shared space. Space becomes a playground; you'll explore it, modify it, rearrange and invent it.

Marie Chabert
Marie is a performer, choreographer, teacher and massage therapist. She has been performing and creating work for the past 16 years and teaches Improvisation and Contact Improvisation at London Contemporary Dance School. Marie's approach brings particular attention to embodiment, physicality, perception, relationality and presence. Grounding the practice in contact improvisation, somatic awareness and experiential anatomy, this classes will navigate between embodied explorations and set material. Each class will offer a different focus and entry point. Inspired by Material for the spine by Steve Paxton and the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen amongst others, you will practice falling, rolling, sharing and receiving weight, spirals, inversions, developmental patterns.... All the while keeping a playful Bodymind

Jenny Hayes
Info coming soon.

Akeim Toussaint Buck
Akeim's classes will use his Earthflow and Vocalflow approaches. This is a way of practice inspired by Contemporary and Caribbean Dance Elements, Release Technique, Animal Flow, Yoga and Capoeira. Together you'll seek liberation and flow of movement, strengthening your connection to the earth both physically and energetically, seeking to find elasticity in your movement. You'll integrate movement patterns and rhythms, traveling through the space, inviting an acute focus, accuracy, breath and clarity. In an energetic and playful environment, you'll revitalise your senses, build strength, stamina and open your awareness as you move together as one. The classes will be accompanied by live music (beatbox,vocal improv+loop station).

Theo Clinkard
Theo is a Devon-based dance artist and designer who is interested in the communicative potential of the body and the empathetic nature of dance in performance. Commissions include work for Tanztheatre Wuppertal, Danza Contemporanea de Cuba and Candoco. He is an associate artist at Brighton Dome, The Hall for Cornwall & an Honorary Fellow of Plymouth University. Theo's classes explore how you can bring greater attention to your sensory experience of the space, each other and yourselves in motion. Set to some great tunes, each class will be a mix of exploration, led movement and devised material to encourage vivid and expansive mindful dancing.  

Times: 9-10.30am
Venue: at The Place
Level: Professional

Term Dates