Professional Class with Yukiko Masui

Spring 2019


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Professional Class 

All professional classes at The Place are intended for high-level dancers only. These classes offer professional dancers an opportunity to maintain their skills and abilities, network with other professionals and even maybe find new projects to work on.

If you are an amateur dancer, there are lots of other opportunities for you to engage with. Browse our adult classes programme for more information.

These classes require professional standards from participants and early arrival is required for warm up.

A highly physical class which explores different dynamics and rhythm drawing on Hiphop foundation and dynamic floor work.

About The Class

Yukiko’s class focuses on how to flow, stop, groove and attack movements as well as gaining strength to be in and out of the floor efficiently. Her technique is influenced by hip hop foundation of isolation and rhythm training, Release and Limon technique.

About Yukiko Masui

Yukiko Masui is a dancer and choreographer who is originally from Tokyo, Japan. Her dance journey started with hip hop and Ballroom Latin Dance where she competed in both styles and won various prizes.

In 2008, she moved to London to study Contemporary Dance and following year, she joined a post graduate dance company Transitions at Trinity Laban as a part of MA course. Since the graduation, she has been working internationally as a performer with companies and choreographers such as Art of Spectra(SE), Cathy Waller, Jose Agudo, Christopher Marney, James Cousins, Norrdans(SE), Rhiannon Faith, Rosie Kay, Tamsin Fitzgerald(2Faced Dance) and more.

She is currently working on her new piece Falling Family commissioned by DanceXchange, The Place and NSCD, which is touring this Spring.

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Facebook: @YukikoMasui.Co

Q&A With Yukiko Masui

  • Tell us a little bit about your background in dance?
    I started training in Hip-hop and Ballroom Latin dance back in Japan where I competed in both genres and performed regularly. In 2008, I moved to London to train in Contemporary dance at Laban, mainly in Release, Limon and Flying Low technique. I have also trained in a martial arts called Kendo when I was younger which still influence on my dance.
  • What can we expect from your class?
    It’s a high intensity class mixture of cardio where you would follow my movements without stop and some short exercises to learn. By the end of the class you would learn a long phrase and should be sweating a lot by the end!!
  • What do you like most about teaching?
    Sharing the joy and handwork of training. Every time I teach, I also learn something from the students as well.
  • Who was your most influential teacher?
    Joss Baker and Rosemary Brandt
  • What has been your biggest challenge as a dancer?
    Feeling of not meeting my own expectations.


Times: 9 -10.30am
Duration: 90 mins
Venue: at The Place
Level: Professional

This event is part of Professional Dance Classes Spring 2019

Professional Dance Classes Spring 2019

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