Thu 26 May

Resolution Festival 2022

Mara Vivas | (IMBECILES) | Vertebra Theatre

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Resolution, the most anticipated event of The Place’s calendar returns!

This year 66 artists across 22 nights showcase bite-size premiere performances at London’s boldest dance theatre. Don’t miss the ultimate pick ‘n’ mix festival of live theatre!

Mara Vivas - Nothingness

A reflection on our perception of space as we trace the borders of nothingness: a celebration of the minutiae of the everyday and our sense of community. Drawing upon Japanese philosophy Wabi–sabi, what in Western terms is considered empty space, Leonard Koren explains “Wabi-sabi sees nothingness alive with possibilities ... it is about the minor and the hidden, the tentative and the ephemeral; things so subtle and evanescent they are invisible to the eyes ... to experience Wabi-sabi we need to slow down, be patient, and look very closely”. Entangled in a playful body-space dialogue, the performers will draw the invisible thus making it perceptible.

" all took me to a place that felt familiar, whole and complete, not at all worn but attentive, reassuring and inspiring." Audience quote, Angelika Michitsch, Translator & Analyst

Duration: 25-30mins

Age Restriction: 15+

Nothingness (excerpt) from mara vivas . dances on Vimeo.

Performance Credits
Choreography: Mara Vivas in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Lynn Dichon, Georgia Fletcher, Leah WallingsAbigail Attard Montalto
Costumes: Mara Vivas 
Photography: Julia Testas
Performers in photos: Julie Maria Dahl, Hannah Le Coyte, Lynn Dichon, Georgia Fletcher, Leah Wallings
Video credits: filmed by JRVisuals  
Editing: Yue Wang
Sound: Michael Picknett and Miguel Toro 


Lawrie Smail / (IMBECILES) - A Hideous Monstrous Verminous Creature

This new work by Lawrie Smail takes inspiration from Franz Kafka’s novel The Metamorphosis and explores its contents as a metaphor for the physicalisation of depression and mental break down. The metamorphosis by Kafka tells the tale of an over worked Gregor Samsa who awakes one morning to find himself transformed into a monstrous cockroach. Smail has worked hard to develop and find a unique movement language that best embodies and sympathises with Gregor’s journey through alienisation, loneliness and torment as he battles to except his reality and slowly descends to a point of no return.

In 1915 Franz Kafka short novel Die Verwandlung (The Metamorphosis) was published for the first time in its original language of German. Since than it has been translated into many different languages, in English alone there exists 13 different versions of the translation. The title of Lawrie Smail’s new solo piece (A Hideous Monstrous Verminous Creature) comes from combining a few of the variations from different translated versions. Many academics have spoken about how The Metamorphosis relates to real life health issues. In the story, The Metamorphosis, Gregor’s transformation into vermin can be connected to overall health in today’s society because Gregor’s “disorder” altered his “complete state of mental well-being”

Duration: 20mins

Production Credits
Choreographer/ performer: Lawrie Smail
Music: Wyse Lockyer 
Designer: Kit Hinchcliffe

Vertebra Theatre - Electra Untitled

Electra: Untitled, is a Physical Theatre adaptation of the myth of Electra as seen in the Greek tragedy Electra by Sophocles.

Physical movement and visual storytelling, reconstruct her story which she traces through the lens of female gaze and empowerment. Electra becomes a modern antihero; tangled in violence that runs for generations of patriarchal suppression, without Orestes, she looks for a way out, and sees ‘revenge’ as her only salvation. Three performers/dancers share a work in progress retell the Myth and address Electra’s tragedy to its core, freed from means of attachment and biases of the past.

Electra: Untitled adds a modern twist to an old narrative and brings forward the role of women who provoke change in times of hostility and dissolution.

The research process for this project uses the framework of the world-renowned director Theodoros Terzopoulos’ Method with the facilitation of Savvas Stroumpos of Zero Point Theatre in Athens, Greece, and aims to tour in 2022-2023 engaging diverse communities of women through physical theatre.  

★★★★★ "Outstanding Show" - Fringe Review, An Ice Thing to Say

★★★★ "The joy of this piece is the rarity of its exploration" - The Upcoming, Dark Matter.

"Theatre for the Senses" - The Gisborne Herald, Dark Matter

Duration: 25mins

Production Credits
Concept/Adaptation/Direction: Mayra Stergiou
Mentoring/ Movement Consultation: Savvas Stroumpos 
Dramaturgy: Ezgi Uzşen
Music Direction: Jon Paul Mayse
Live Musician/Composer: Anna Helena McLean
Scenography/Costumes: Mayou Trikerioti
Light Design: Alexandros Politakis
Marketing and Communication: Alexa Kormari 
Production: Vertebra Theatre 
Devisors/Performers: Piedad Albarracin Seiquer, Susie Fairbrother, Mayra Stergiou
Photo Credits: Gabriel Parfitt 

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How to watch

This is a live performance in The Place theatre. 

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About the artists

Mara Vivas
Mara Vivas is an independent dance artist based in London with roots in Venezuela and Colombia. She works in the fields of dance, choreography and therapeutic movement. She has an MA with distinction in Choreography and Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Dance Studies from The Place - LCDS. Mara has performed around the world as a member of European, South American and US dance companies. She developed work for film and the stage as well as site specific work and collaborates across artforms. Mara creates detailed intimate performances, bringing a sense of awareness to the whole and the unseen. She devises work that invites reflection and introspection, and builds community.

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 Lawrie Smail / (IMBECILES)

Lawrie Smail is a British choreographer, performer, and visual artist based in London. He trained at the London Contemporary Dance School, and after graduating in 2016 has worked with companies such as Candoco, Ginger line, and Guineapig. Lawrie has also been working on his own choreographic voice, and during this time founded Imbeciles (a dance theatre company). Smail’s body of work includes the choreography and production of; One Eye Open, a dance piece for the stage that tells the story of a woman who is looking back at her long life as she sits in limbo, and Yellow, a short comedic film about hysteria. Imbeciles aims to create work that resonates and brings people together through the telling of life’s stories.

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Vertebra Theatre

Vertebra Theatre is an award-winning ensemble of theatre makers and artists from diverse backgrounds, with a passion to create contemporary work on the principles of devised, physical and visual theatre. The team dives into the absurd and visual storytelling and seek to explore the dynamics in themes of life and imagination, myth and science. Vertebra creates original and socially informed writing for stage. Body and collaboration are at the core of practice and research to create artistic work that is radical, relevant, and fluid. The boundaries between physical theatre, dance, puppetry and visual arts are stretched and tested.

Since its founding year in 2013, the company collaborated with various theatres (ex. Little Angel Theatre, Nottingham Playhouse, etc), European and International Festivals (Voila Europe, Castillo Theatre, US) and was supported by The Arts Council and other organisations. In 2017, the company made its debut in Edinburgh Fringe with the puppetry show ‘Dark Matter’ in a sold-out performance at Greenside Venues.

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Times: 7.30pm
Venue: at The Place

This event is part of Resolution 2022

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Resolution 2022

Resolution, the most anticipated event of The Place’s calendar returns!