Sat 14 May

Resolution Festival 2022

Marta Swierczynska | Ascension Dance Company | Jayde Edwards

£16 / £12 (conc)

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Resolution, the most anticipated event of The Place’s calendar returns!

This year 66 artists across 22 nights showcase bite-size premiere performances at London’s boldest dance theatre. Don’t miss the ultimate pick ‘n’ mix festival of live theatre!

Marta Swierczynska - THE BASE

Placed at the back in the shadows, he plays his drums. Leads, supports, and provides a steady beat, but can easily overwhelm with the noise if he wanted to. It feels good to have him there, giving your life familiar rhythm. But what happens when that safety gets violated and nothing feels recognisable anymore? When the basic conditions of survival which you always relied on start to feel alien, but everyone else seems to be doing just fine? Through a simple concept of a drummer THE BASE explores things that keep us going in life amongst the chaos and uncertainty.

The Base from Harper Oreade on Vimeo.

Duration: 20mins

Production Credits
 Marta Swierczynska
Live music: Krzysztof Bryll
Photographer/Visual artist: Harper Oreade
Dancers: Angus Bartlett, Andrea Paniagua Urquiza, Beth Stoddart, Evie Webzell (trailer), Gabby Sanders, Tilly Woodward, Marta Swierczynska

Ascension Dance Company - Resilient

“Resilient” is a dynamic dance duet that is reflective on the coronavirus pandemic, the collective strength of humanity and the loss felt by the UK creative industry. It explores themes of struggle, passion and adaptability through movement as you see two people work tirelessly to find a sense of hope and salvation despite the current circumstance. The work looks to honestly reflect on the sense of despair felt by the arts industry and draws on elements of touch and the nationally felt need to just experience a hug with our friends, family and loved one.

Suitable for All Ages.

Duration: 15mins

Production Credits
 Ashley Jordan
Dancers: Lexy Garner & Ben Morley

Jayde Edwards - Submerge

Submerge explores an abstracted narrative of a collective seeking to escape the depths of the ocean. Using hip hop influences and contemporary movement, the audience will feel like they are being immersed into the water and watching the narrative take place in front of them. 
It asks the question, will these individuals seek a selfless or selfish mind to escape the submerge? Each of the 5 dancers will showcase an interpretation of human nature and as an audience, we will go through a journey with these characters to see which decision they individually or collectively take at the final curtain.

Duration: 20mins

Production Credits
Jayde Edwards
Music Composer: Cameron Collie
Dancers: Charlotte Arch, Aaron Baksh, Jayde Edwards, Aaron Littman, Ryheim Scott

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How to watch

This is a live performance in The Place theatre. 

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About the artists

Marta Swierczynska
Alongside her dance training Marta always took an interest in creating work and exchanging movement ideas with other people. After a long period of uncertainty due to COVID-19 she wanted to gather some of the talented artists whom she has met or worked with before to create a space where they could share experiences and collaboratively create THE BASE. Music has always been central to Marta’s practice hence she wanted to explore working with live music further in her project.

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Ascension Dance Company
Ascension Dance produces work that unifies contemporary dance and a raw physicality to create visceral and striking visual illustrations. With a keen focus on human interactions and relationships, Ascension Dance pushes the boundaries of communication through high-velocity physical encounters, which soar, slide and crash in the pursuit of unravelling what it means to connect with the places and humans around us.

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Jayde Edwards
Branching into the choreographic sector over two years ago, Jayde particularly is drawn to create work using visual aesthetics and meaning alongside abstracted narratives. She has a keen interest in not only creating work for stage, she has also directed and choreographed dance for film. Specialising in hip hop styles, contemporary influences and theatre training, Jayde brings this into her work to take her audiences through different emotions, experiences and realisations in creative movement vocabulary, heavily influenced music and bringing instinctive concepts to life with an artistic flair. Jayde's concepts when creating work is looking at internal factors of human nature, and she draws influences on a small aspect of personal experience to create that intimacy with the audience.

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Times: 7.30pm
Venue: at The Place

This event is part of Resolution 2022

Resolution 2022

Resolution, the most anticipated event of The Place’s calendar returns!