Thu 31 May

Resolution Replay

A mixed bill by emerging artists who featured in Resolution 2018

£17 (£13 concessions)

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This mixed bill brings together four works by emerging artists first seen in our Resolution 2018 season including; Tilly Lee-Kronick, Elinor Lewis with Nuria Legarda Andueza, Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus and Pierre & Baby

A snapshot introduction into the world of dance, this night showcases the range of work currently being made in the UK through different styles and genres – from contemporary dance to hip hop, performance art and contemporary circus.

Tilly Lee-Kronick - Ripe

What do you expect when you see me? Ripe is a surreal exploration of our assumptions towards female performers. Combining trapeze, dance and text, Ripe aims to unpeel stereotypes that we wrap around women’s bodies.

“Gently prodding fun at us and herself, <Ripe> fizzes with fun and fresh ideas.”  Siobhan Murphy, Dance Critic (Resolution Review, 2018)

Tilly spent her childhood singing and dancing, but her love for circus began at an aerial dance festival, where she discovered she could dance in the air. She then completed her degree at Circomedia, specialising in trapeze and physical theatre. While at Circomedia Tilly strived to integrate her previous experience with her newfound love of trapeze to create unique and exciting aerial work.  Find out more about Tilly Lee-Kronick

Elinor Lewis with Nuria Legarda Andueza  - Orchard

A forest of vertically balanced poles, vulnerable to the lightest touch. Two performers navigate this precarious environment with the ever-present risk that one mistake could prove catastrophic. Orchard is about risk, about testing thresholds. It is about teetering on the brink between disaster and success and prolonging that state until it becomes uncomfortably apparent. Orchard is about anticipating something catastrophic and ploughing on regardless with a show of disproportionate ease. It is a piece for now, a time when humanity is reluctantly crossing many thresholds, some of which promise to lead to almost inevitable disaster. Because of this, Orchard resonates a universal message: How can the human form adapt and overcome the constraints of its environment?

“Mesmerising and nerve-wracking.”   Neil Norman, Dance Critic (Resolution Review, 2018)

Elinor Lewis is a current recipient of the Artsadmin. Banner Award -  find out more

Pierre & Baby - achilles

Peter Babbage and Luke Bafico present their first collaboration, which premiered at Resolution 2018 and was featured at V&A Friday Late. Touching on queer experiences, achilles unravels modern attitudes towards dating apps, reflecting the instantaneous nature of social media and the damaging effects that the need for instant gratification can have on our emotional well-being. Pierre & Baby combine dance and digital projection, inviting the audience to join them as they wrestle with their own emotions and each other, trying to find resolve in a cycle of always longing for more.

“Two men obsessively explored, caressed and exposed”   Teresa Guerreiro, Dance Critic (Resolution Review, 2018)

See more of Pierre & Baby 

Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus - Mum. Edit. More

A highly personal and poignant audio visual journey exploring the beauty of the human voice, pondering the effects of gentrification and reflecting on the nature of change. Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus is a creative artist based in London. Her choreographic style is a fusion of all of her training and influences, namely hip-hop and contemporary. With initial inspiration from Solange Knowles’ A Seat At The Table, gaining momentum during a trip to Brixton 2017 with her mother via her phone’s voice recorder, Tali presents her solo work, Mum. Edit. More.

'I was gripped – absolutely insane movement & so much truth in what was said. Stunning!' Audience member, Scratch Dat! (Rich Mix), July 2017

Supported by Artists 4 Artists

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Times: 7:30pm
Venue: at The Place

This event is part of Summer 2018