Sat 16 Feb

Satoko Fukuda/ Anaya Vasudha/Definitives Dance Company

Resolution 2019

£16 (£12 concessions)

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Satoko Fukuda
About the leaves

The body brings forth movement, as buds bloom from the ground. Energy erupts forming trees, forcing shoots to branches. Leaves dance in the air. Falling to earth, returning to nature.

The inspiration for this piece comes from the concept of ‘zero to one’. Like a bud grows from the ground, movement is crafted from the body. Blossoming, leaning towards the sun, with roots penetrating deep underground. The energy longs to reach the moon, up through the branches of the tree. When the leaves are ready to depart, they dance in the air. As they fall down to earth, they return to zero and are reincarnated. This is an exploration of how the body’s energy expands through its journey from zero to one. Resembling the life cycle of leaves.

Costume and set design by Matilda Eldon McCaig

Satoko is on Instagram

Anaya Vasudha

From the Sanskrit word meaning ‘singular’, EKA explores the unification of three energies; demonstrating the immense power created when they collide and merge to form a single entity.

Subhash Viman Gorania (Choreographer) – A British born choreographer and performer, came into Indian Classical dance (Bharatantyam and Kathak) through Hip Hop and urban movements. Hs ability to move in a smooth liquid way gives his dance an unorthodox and quirky edge. The rich plethora of dance training he has, brings a wide range of movement vocabulary to his choreographic work. His performance credits include the Bessie award for winning choreography ‘Ecstasy’ for ‘Get on the Good Foot’ produced by Apollo Theatre, NY and his own work titles, ‘Game changer’, includes works by Saju Hari, TJ Lowe, Veena Basavaraja and Subhash himself.

“an exciting insight into what we can expect from a new generation and deserves to be shared with a wider audience”

With thanks to Arts Council, Phizzical Productions, Sampad and Chitraleka Dance Company


Definitives Dance Company

An inspired rendition loosely based off of Netflix's Sense 8. The journey of discovering yourself and the connection between others around you. It will involve a fusion of styles, exploring movement in all bounds.

Definitives Dance Company, formed in 2007, were originally made up of dancers from another company. As the group developed, other dancers have joined to make the dance company we know today. We have contemporary, jazz, hip hop and freestyle dancers as well as a few acrobats. We have been winners of various competitions such as World of Dance UK and special guests in various shows and charity events. Music and dance have become our biggest passion, we strive to see the world through dance as one. Our motto is "WE DO WE" meaning we never copy or replicate anyone else, we always stay as Definitives always was, unique.

Definitives are on Instagram 

Times: 7.30pm
Venue: at The Place