Sat 6 Apr

The Sick of The Fringe: Dadderrs Sharing into Rong Table


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Frauke Requardt and Daniel Oliver are artists. Daniel is dyspraxic and is too slow. Frauke has ADHD and is too quick. They are married and have kids. They are currently developing a new performance called Dadderrs which is rooted in their experiences of their bodies as neurodivergent lovers, parents, and weirdo performance makers. 

This sharing will last for approximately 30 minutes before leading into the Rong Table discussion.

Dadderrs is produced by The Place, co-comissioned by The Sick of the Fringe, Tramway & The Place. Presented as part of a residency for Motherworks

Rong Table Discussion
Audiences are invited to explore themes of Dadderrs through conversation events that use Daniel’s ‘Rong Table‘ set-up.

Rong Tables are events for exploring and discussing the key themes of the performance. They are a development of Lois Weaver’s ‘Long Tables’, in which the audiences are invited to take part in a discussion by leaving their audience seats, and sitting at a large table. Daniel has been regularly using this format to discuss neurodiversity and art over the past three years. Recently he has been experimenting with adding different elements and bending the rules in order to create a space that is more accessible, diverse and engaging for a broad range of neurodivergent audiences. This means the table is no longer the only place to talk, getting rid of the audience/participant divide, allowing for smaller, more discreet conversations to happen around the space, and for more ways of expressing thoughts to be offered (the Long Table also allows people to draw and write on the table cloth). This has taken the form of building dens around the table, as well as other forms of creative play (i.e. costume making) using materials that connect to the performance that the Long Table is attached to. Hence there is a through-line between performances and discussions, rather than the abrupt shifts in tone and atmosphere that often occur between performances and artist Q and A.

Where: The Place, Founders Studio

Artist Bios:

Daniel Oliver
Daniel Oliver is a performance artist makes up awkward participatory worlds.  They layer precariously maintained fantasies with clunky, immanent reality - foregrounding the liveness inherent in working with unprepared participants. They are unashamedly dyspraxic, embracing my lightly off-kilter relationship with co-ordination, social interaction and executive planning.

He has published writing on awkwardness, participatory performance, and neurodiversity and currently teaches in the Drama department at Queen Mary University of London.

Frauke Requardt
Frauke Requardt is a German-born, London-based choreographer.

Her choreographic work is characterised by physically challenging choreography, a strong theatricality, dark humour and an overall sense of surrealism. She uses text and live music and a mixture of abstract and emotionally based movement to deliver highly engaging work.

Frauke trained in Germany, New York and London. Although her main pursuit is choreography, she has also performed in Lea Anderson’s work as a Cholmondeley for several years. Frauke was an associate artist at The Place between 2004-6 and alongside Work Place she is also an associate artist at Greenwich Dance. Frauke has presented her work in the UK and internationally, having enjoyed residencies in Colombia, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland and Germany.

Her full-evening works to date include Jammy Dodgers, a fantastical world, with a rolling line up of bands from the London contemporary Jazz scene; the Lynch-esque Roadkill Cafe; and Pequenas Delicias, an absurdist site-specific piece for cafes and restaurants. Her work Episode premiered at The Place on in June 2011.

Frauke has also created a series of works in collaboration with experimental theatre director David Rosenberg: Dead Club (2017), The Roof (2014), Motorshow (2012) and Electric Hotel (2010).


Times: 2.30pm
Duration: 90 mins
Venue: at The Place

This event is part of Spring 2019

Spring 2019

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