Thu 14 Feb

Tamae Yoneda/ Luisa Amorim/ Li'An Dance Livia Massaerelli & Anna Borini

Resolution 2019

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Tamae Yoneda
Don't worry Humans can't live without light

As we inevitably fall into darknes, it is in the human spirit to embark on a journey to get back to the light. Sometimes, a magician might help us...

About Tamae Yoneda 

Tamae Yoneda is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer from Osaka, Japan. Tamae originally trained as a gymnast, before moving into the performing arts and specialising in dance. This has led her on a journey to train across the world, judge national dance competitions and perform as a guest dancer in many events. Tamae has since opened her own dance company, and has dedicated herself to teaching while also pursuing her own creative practice as a choreographer.

Director/ Choreograoher: Tamae Yoneda 

Musician: Yøøt

Composer: Yøøt

Lighting Designer: Simeon Miller

Photography: Endika Ramos

Luisa Amorim
Laughs and Sex, Husky Voices and My Fear

Laughs and Sex, Husky Voices and My Fear

It is a choreographed poem about jealousy, a grotesque dance piece in which the voice stretches as body and the body is plasticized as sculpture.

Luisa Amorim did her MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths University of London and  she studied Drama at ESTC in Lisbon. Since then she is being developing a practice that she named directing in real time. A game between performer and audience in what part of the show is created on stage by both of them. She often explores notions of ‘real’ and ‘real time’ and is interested in the fusion of different art practices. She is now adventuring herself into the dance world.

About An Essay on Reality by Mafalda MIranda

‘This is an intimate and auto-biographical piece that follows the reality in a very strict manner: Not even once the piece was performed with the same elements, because reality steps in. As vulnerable as she is, when reality keeps changing fast, forcing her to change her environment and to stand alone on stage, in the end, we still discover a powerful woman, mother, lover, that was always there, and that was probably the only thing we really needed.’

- Mafalda Jacinto Miranda

Li’An Dance- Livia Massarelli and Anna Borini
Sorella Mia

Two women, two sisters. A circular space as a ring and refuge.

Two stories blended into one, where contradictions, conflicts and emotional entanglements coexist. What is sisterhood?

“Dance is our way to tell intimate and deep stories. We research on the body’s honesty, investigating the pure essence of the gesture.We push our boundaries to find the beauty in the uncertainty” Li’An Dance.

Born in 2017as a dance collective, Li’An Dance is composed by two Italian freelance dance artists: Anna Borini and Livia Massarelli. Both encouraged by the desire of decoding a personal channel of expression through dance, they decided to develop a language that could be intimately linked to their own lives, by questioning the impact of their origins and traditions, in their way of moving.

Li’An Dance is supported by Studio Wayne McGregor through the Lates programme.

Facebook: Livia Massarelli/ Anna Borini

Instagram: Livia Massarelli/ Anna Borini

Times: 7.30pm
Venue: at The Place

Resolution 2019

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