Sat 13 Jan

TOBY / Barnaby Booth / ella&co

Resolution 2018

£16 (£12 concessions)

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Episodic 86

Memory informs our everyday lives, but what triggers our recollection of past personal experiences? TOBY will be exploring memory recollection through movement and live electronic music.

Do you remember locking your front door this morning? No? How about your first heartbreak?

Our memories are strongly linked to our emotions, they play a vital part in how we remember specific events. The stronger the emotion felt, the more vivid the memory.

These types of memories are described as episodic or autobiographical and are the focal point of TOBY’s new work. Each dancer will be exploring their own episodic memories with the aid of live electronic music from Benjamin Winter, creating an environment in which the audience becomes more aware of their own memory recollections. 


Barnaby Booth Dance
Loyal Prophets to an Indifferent God

A storm is created, dismantled and reconstructed. In its eye, stories fleetingly take shape before being washed away in intricate and ferocious movement. What is God doing in the darkness?

Loyal Prophets takes place in a world teetering between the imaginations and realities of the people it describes and the people who perform it. Bringing together dancers from all over Europe, Barnaby is himself a recent graduate of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD). As well as being a choreographer, he works extensively as a lighting designer, and immensely enjoys bringing these two areas of great personal curiosity together, aiming to make energetic and thoughtful work that he hopes might take an audience to another world... just for a bit.

Created with/performed by: Joan Aguilà Cuevas, Giorgia Gasparetto, Lola Lefevre, Elise Ludinard, András Meszerics, Azahara Sanz Jara, Eftychia Stefanou.
Rehearsal Director: Charlie Brittain
Sound: Complied by Barnaby Booth, containing work by Odetta, Arcade Fire, Martin Phipps and original music by Donald Beteille.

With thanks to Mark Booth, Bernat Macia Pérez, Sita Ostheimer, Milla Koistinen, Neta Pulvermacher and Susan Quinn

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Avocado on toast. Cankle insecurity. Boomerang obsession. Consider yourself a millennial? A fast paced series of images, movement and dialogue ponder the curious and fantastical traits of millennial life.

Comedic and relevant, #nofilter, delves into the intricacies of life as a millennial. Transferring our performative online personas onto the performative stage setting. Bright, zesty and at times touchingly tender as we journey through confessions of a millennial.

Ella is a mover, shaker, thinker and creator.

Performers: Eva Escrich, Ella Fleetwood, Julia Jordan and Amy Morvell.

Please note: There will be some use of strobe lighting in this performance.

Supported by the GradLab project. With thanks to Arts Council England, The Point, University of Chichester and University of Winchester.

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Times: 8pm
Duration: 0 mins
Venue: at The Place

Resolution 2018

The UK’s biggest dance festival for emerging artists is back for its 29th year.