Thu 21 Sep

Touch Wood 2017

Vera Tussing, Sinéad Rushe, Gracefool Collective and Nevena Stojkov


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Experience the birth of an idea and help shape performances by offering informal feedback as artists try out fragments of their latest work in early stages of development.

See work by Vera Tussing, Sinéad Rushe, Gracefool Collective and Nevena Stojkov

Nevena Stojkov

Following a female journey looking at how women all over the world are in many different ways objectified, treated as possessions and expected to act based on rules set by society. This piece takes us through a viewpoint of how it must feel to be denied basic freedoms and the journey it must take to build the courage and fight to speak out. And finally leading to how that freedom finally feels. The movement takes mostly from street styles and is blended with contemporary also. 

Vera Tussing

Where does a body begin? In our new creation, we take the duet form as a starting point for an investigation of the outer edges of human intelligibility. Tightly linked, two female bodies become one—or three, or none—a composite being with dynamic parts. What stories do we project on these bodies? What extraordinary components must collide to construct the familiar—or the new? ‘Both, Two’ aims to overflow visuality, augmenting the act of watching with hearing, touching, and imagining. The dancers slip into and out of form, into and out of woman, into and out of human…. In a duet which both references and exceeds the tropes of the genre, ‘Both, Two’ asks what is could mean, today, to be two together.

Gracefool Collective

This is not a wedding. This is a celebration. A commemoration if you will. A salutation, a jollification, a jubilation. It’s not a wedding but it is an honouring, a marking of something important and profound. It's really a kind of revelry. It's not a wedding it's simply a gathering to frolic in the tradition of a jubilee gala ceremony for a recognition of the coming of age coming together.

Sinéad Rushe

A dance theatre work about the mechanics of weight and what happens when we face the limits of our strength.

Gravity shapes us. From birth to death, what bodies can do is bound by what they weigh. Things fall, softly or heavily, constantly or all at once. Some things are too heavy to carry, or to lift. Some things carry us. Violent, lyrical and thought provoking, Loaded combines an evocative original sound score with texts ranging from ancient literature to modern science. Its performers use everything from sandbags to ballast and from pulleys to planks, to explore how bodies and structures learn to bear loads – or fall apart.

Times: 7.30pm
Venue: at The Place

This event is part of Summer 2017

Touch Wood 2017

Every summer The Place sees dozens of artists occupy the building to make and develop new work. Touch Wood gives the audience a chance to see new and unfinished ideas and offer informal feedback, a