Professionals & Artist Development

Work Place is a unique programme of support for professional choreographers. It creates a home for a community of artists, sustaining them and developing their work.

Work Place currently supports 9 artists: Tony Adigun, Claire CunninghamBen DukeVicki IgbokweRosemary LeeFrauke RequardtLuca SilvestriniMoreno Solinas and Igor Urzelai.

Work Place recognises that each artist is different. What they need depends on the type of work they make, their experience, their ideas and their ambition. Responding to these differences is at the heart of the scheme. Each Work Place artist pursues their own programme and receive support tailored to this path. This might mean helping them in many different ways to think, create, curate, research, write, teach, learn, train – anything that the artist feels is important for their development.

Support for Work Place artists includes:

  • project and idea development
  • research, creation  and production residencies at The Place or with other UK and international partners
  • dramaturgy
  • commissioning work
  • teaching opportunities and skills development
  • management support or advice
  • fundraising support and advice
  • career mentoring
  • building links to other project partners and professional networks
  • creative workshops with other artists
  • curation opportunities
  • production and management skills training
  • tickets for performances

As well as individual practice, Work Place is about conversation. The choreographers take part in a series of Work Place Weekends where they can question and learn from each other’s ideas and experiences and those of other inspirational artists. Each weekend has a theme or a questions, to which no answer is ever given, but an exploration around the subject provokes thought and debate. Examples of recent questions have been "Who is it for?" and "What does it mean to be an artist, here and now?". Guest speakers have included Matthew Taylor from the RSA, John Holden from Demos, Judith Mackrell from The Guardian and David Jubb from BAC.

Work Place is a scheme for UK-based artists and participation is by invitation. We select artists on the basis of the quality of their practice, their potential to benefit from our support, and their interest in participating as part of the cohort. Artists are likely to have previously shown or developed their work at The Place.